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  1. Marler

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent Competition - Plan An Escape!

    A fantastic game, I already have it myself, has to be one of the best horror games I've ever played
  2. Marler

    Portal 2 Box Images Released for NA and EU

    Valve are so awesome :D
  3. Marler

    HL2.EXE stopped running (AGAIN!!)

    I used to have this all the time, then I switched to a USB sound card and it stopped for a while and then the USB sound card broke so it started crashing again. I've upgraded my system twice and since I've upgraded (touch wood) no hl2.exe errors. If it crashes with a looping sound, it's the...
  4. Marler

    Steam Surpasses 30 Million Users Mark

    Partly due to Steamworks on games like Modern Warfare 2. I've no problem with Steam, just wish Valve would hurry up with Episode 3!
  5. Marler

    The Sacrifice is Now Available!

    finally good d/l servers this morning
  6. Marler

    Team Fortress 2 MANN-conomy Update Details Revealed

    interesting move with the option to pay
  7. Marler

    Left 4 Dead 'The Sacrifice' Media Released

    Incredible, Valve are so Incredible!
  8. Marler

    Updated: Left 4 Dead Comic Series Launched [Part 4 Out]

    now that was worth waiting for
  9. Marler

    Counter-Strike: Source Beta Update Fixes Major Bugs, Annoyances

    Glad that they're still focusing on improving old games
  10. Marler

    South Korea Might Ban Steam

    well I'm glad I'm not korean!
  11. Marler

    AI Director and Brutal difficulty added to Alien Swarm

    Sweet, loving Valve for the free game, plus all the support
  12. Marler

    Portal 2 Co-op Teaser

    Haha, oh god that was so epic! Can't wait for this game!
  13. Marler

    Steam Hardware Survey Updated (Now Includes Software Survey)

    Lol, you can see the percentage of Mac Users that torrent
  14. Marler

    Portal 2 Release Date & Stephen Merchant Voicing Wheatley

    Damn, that was amazing so many new features!
  15. Marler

    Portal 2 Will Be at Gamescom

    Please give us news about Episode 3!
  16. Marler

    Valve Files Trademark For DOTA

    This is going to be awesome!
  17. Marler

    Jon St. John is Doing Voiceovers for Valve

    Looking forward to seeing what valve unveil
  18. Marler

    Mafia II to use Steamworks

    Shame that it seems that this game is going to be singleplayer only unless I've heard wrong :(
  19. Marler

    Day of Defeat Source Now On Mac

    I love this game!