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  1. Lobster

    Will you boycott HL3?

    Maybe they will go free-to-play just to spite you!
  2. Lobster

    [NEW SERIES!] Headcrabs - Database: Episode 1

    I like to think that there have actually been several headcrabs named Lamarr, and they just capture and debeak a new one when she goes missing. Like a child with a goldfish.
  3. Lobster

    Possibly new Deus Ex game?

    My main concern is that the "Deus Ex Universe" thing becomes way too reliant on alternate media. It's going to suck if the next big game has a bunch of dead end plot threads that are explained in comics, novels, mobile/handheld games. It annoyed me a bit that the three boss mercenaries in...
  4. Lobster

    Game of Thrones thread with lots of books spoilers inside spoiler tags

    It's interesting. There are going to be long-time fans of the books who try to avoid the TV show once it dips into the unwritten story. Which will effectively reverse the spoiler threat. I imagine it will be far harder to avoid discovering spoilers from the show than it has been for the books...
  5. Lobster

    Valve Hints at Future of Team Fortress 2

    I fully agree! :D
  6. Lobster

    Valve Hints at Future of Team Fortress 2

    I like the look of the moonbase, reminds me of Space 1999.
  7. Lobster

    Possibly new Deus Ex game?

    I would be pleased to see more Deus Ex. They have been talking about an "expanded universe" for the franchise since last year. With a full next-gen game to follow up Human Revolution, as well as all the typical Square Enix tie in nonsense. So far only one piece of concept art exists for the...
  8. Lobster

    So Facebook bought OculusVR.

    My brother has a Dev Kit One and I was one click away from going with Dev Kit Two, but I decided to wait for the consumer release. It really suits the kind of cockpit simulators I like to play as I have never really been sold on Track IR.
  9. Lobster

    So Facebook bought OculusVR.

    I know a lot of people are treating it like the end of the world, but I am not that worried yet. I guess if they created some kind of Nvidia Experience style thing that required a Facebook account and advertising to use.. then that would be pretty terrible, but that doesn't seem likely right...
  10. Lobster

    So Facebook bought OculusVR.

    I wonder when Facebook will send it's army of virtual soldiers to defeat Google's immortal robot army.
  11. Lobster

    So Diablo 3 is fun now.

    Yeah I reinstalled last weekend and played for a few hours, they listened to a lot of complaints people were having.
  12. Lobster

    Half-Life 3 Referenced in Source Filmmaker Render Code

    Yeah that kinda thing annoys the hell out of me. The director's cut of Human Revolution springs to mind.
  13. Lobster

    Half-Life 3 Referenced in Source Filmmaker Render Code

    I was extremely disappointed when I discovered that one of the updates to Team Fortress 2 didn't REALLY contain interactive heart surgery like that heinous Meet the Medic "bullshot" had promised me. I wrote several angry letters to Valve demanding an explanation, and all they did was send me a...
  14. Lobster

    Reality Check: Half-Life 3 isn't coming out

    I have suspected this for some time.
  15. Lobster

    Will there be a new Valve game this year ?

    Something specifically designed for Virtual Reality headsets that will appear as a minor tech demo but transform into a full release due to consumer interest. ..or L4D3. ...or Nothing.
  16. Lobster

    Irrational Games shutting down

    I just found the second visit to Rapture to be boring. I wouldn't like to see a bunch of sequels set in Columbia again, endlessly refining the same game over and over again. The mechanics might get better for it, but the pleasure of visiting a new place that I associate with the other two games...
  17. Lobster

    Irrational Games shutting down

    Eh, I enjoyed Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite a lot. It did sound like the company was having a lot of internal problems when they began shedding employees prior to launch. Sucks for everyone who lost their job. I just hope they don't give the franchise to a copycat developer to push out...
  18. Lobster

    Thoughts: Half-Life 3 Won't Come Out?

    My theory is that the United Nations won't allow Valve to release Half-Life 3 because the mere possibility of its existence is keeping the population of a small third world country alive on link baiting headlines alone. An actual release would kill their ad revenue, send them hurtling back into...