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  1. Apocalypse89

    Strange mouse stutter in L4D

    Whenever I play Left 4 Dead, if I press any keyboard button while moving the mouse, it makes the mouse "stutter", as if it's moving in steps rather than flowing smoothly. It also seems to make it much less sensitive than usual. As you'd guess, it makes turning a pain and aiming accurately almost...
  2. Apocalypse89

    Will region-specific games still work when I move regions?

    Say I buy Mass Effect, a game that is available on Steam in my home country(Bahrain) but not in the UK, the country I'm traveling to soon. Will I still be able to play it in the UK? If I delete it or don't download it, will I be able to download and update it over there?
  3. Apocalypse89

    Demonic race car driver Just wait until he starts laughing.
  4. Apocalypse89

    Eli's sweater...

    A very minor detail, but one of the first things I noticed about Eli upon meeting him in HL2 was that he was wearing a Harvard University sweater, with the logo showing clearly and the name only slightly obscured by his jacket. However, when you see him again in Episode Two, the logo and...
  5. Apocalypse89

    Losing our weapons?

    You know, ever since I finished Episode Two, I've always wondered how we'll lose our weapons in Episode every previous Half-Life sequel, you could tell how you lost your weapons by looking at the ending of the preceding game. You lost all your weapons in HL2 because the G-man...
  6. Apocalypse89

    The Project?

    Looking through the Search feature, there seems to be a load of discussion and theories surrounding the Borealis, advisors, etc. but nearly nothing concerning Mossman's "Project" despite it being mentioned since Episode One, so I decided to make this thread after finishing my most recent...
  7. Apocalypse89

    Does the Ep.2 trailer still play at the end?

    As the title says...does the Episode Two trailer still load up and play whenever you finish Episode One? I mean now that Ep. 2 is out, the trailer has become redundant, not to mention hopelessly outdated. If I was Valve I'd disable it with a quick update. If it hasn't been disabled, is there...
  8. Apocalypse89

    Cars christians should avoid

    I usually don't get into religious mud-slinging online...but I think any decent person, religious or otherwise, will agree that this is plain F'ing stupid: Not only is the concept of "Christian cars"...
  9. Apocalypse89

    Cookie Monster does Death Metal I want to see more of this.
  10. Apocalypse89

    Time progression in the HL series. *SPOILERS*

    I was I thought up this theory on how much time progressed during and between the HL games. This, of course refers to story-wise time rather than gameplay time, so I'll be relying on the sky seens in-game as well as whatever dialogue helps me tell how much time has gone by. Also, I'll...
  11. Apocalypse89

    Looping sound crash...

    After this dreaded bug that's been infecting Episode One for over year made its appearance in the TF2 beta, I only fear that it will affect all Orange Box games once they come out. I will be utterly pissed off if these games that I've been awaiting for over a year turn out to be unplayable...
  12. Apocalypse89

    The latest Penny Arcade gives some decent advice. So true.
  13. Apocalypse89

    Changing my name?

    After sorting out my major stuttering and crashing problems, I have a run into another problem: My name is stuck as "[unknown]" and I can't change it. Normally I'd use the "name x" console command or the Multiplayer tab in Options, but the first one doesn't work and the second doesn't have the...
  14. Apocalypse89

    Back after almost a year!

    Well, this thread is a bit late, because I've already been posting quite a bit since I returned, but I might as well make it. Anyways, all my Source games started acting weird late August 2006 with no apparent remedies, and that caused me to quickly lose interest in HL2 and anything related...
  15. Apocalypse89

    Random annoying lockups in Ep.1 and HL2.

    When playing either of the mentioned games, sometimes(maybe once or twice per hour of gameplay) they decide to lock-up for no apparent reason. Occasionally, this would happen right in the middle of a loading scene, but usually it happens in the middle of gameplay. The game would just stop, with...
  16. Apocalypse89

    Syria is a hilarious place to live in.(56k warning)

    Taken from the Middle East/Africa Board on GameFAQs: The third and last ones are my personal favorites.
  17. Apocalypse89

    Did Viktor Antonov leave Valve?

    Anyone else notice that Viktor Antonov has been missing from Valve's offical website for the last month or so? Did he get kicked out, quit, or what? And why? I'd like to know the full story, if it's available. For those who don't know, Antonov was the main art director for HL1 and 2, and was...
  18. Apocalypse89

    Some photos of my country.

    No doubt that some of you have read the 'location' thing under my name and wondered "Bahrain...where the hell is that?". So I thought it would be nice if I gave some of you a visual introduction to my nation, and spent a few minutes searching for some good pictures. I ended up finding a really...