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  1. Lobster

    2014: Year of the Space Combat Sim.

    Since the release of Spacewar in 1962 the idea of two human players performing a death defying dance of shrapnel and energy in the black emptiness of space has captivated man, woman and child in all corners of the world. Even the remotest Inuit people of northern Greenland spend 98% of their...
  2. Lobster

    Third Annual Saxxy Award Winners Announced

    After two months of submissions, two hundred approved films, and two weeks of voting, Valve have finally announced the winners of the third annual Saxxy Awards. Virtual statues of shiny austrailium have been awarded to the very best movies in four individual categories, with a fifth awarded to...
  3. Lobster

    [UPDATED] Steam Machine Beta Specifications Released

    Update: Valve have recently confirmed to Forbes that, while their beta machines will indeed run Nvidia graphics cards, the Steam Machines will be available in 2014 with alternative technical specifications, including hardware options from competitors AMD and Intel. Doug Lombardi, Valve's VP of...
  4. Lobster

    FAKE: European Half-Life 3/Portal 3 Trademarks Filed

    Update 1: We can now confirm that the "Half-Life 3" trademark has been removed from the Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM) website. The entrant appears to have disappeared entirely after only being listed on the website database for little over a week...
  5. Lobster

    Gabe Newell's LinuxCon 2013 Talk - Hardware Information Coming Next Week

    As previously reported, Gabe Newell has presented his part of the Keynote at LinuxCon 2013, a developer event covering all aspects of the penguin-based operating system. The main point of the talk was to discuss Valve's recent interest in the Linux platform and what they hoped to achieve by...
  6. Lobster

    Homeworld Returns

    A few months ago there was some discussion here surrounding the THQ fire sale, and what it meant for the Homeworld IP. Since then Gearbox has been revealed as the anonymous buyer, and while that could have been a little worrying on it's own, there does seem to be some light at the end of the...
  7. Lobster

    Left 4 Dead Modding Update + The Return of Classic Francis

    The latest update to the official Left 4 Dead blog has announced a series of helpful resources aimed at improving the experience of modders creating new weapons and skins for the game. The first of these updates includes a large range of example templates for existing weapons, Special Infected...
  8. Lobster

    Valve Screening New Dota 2 Documentary "Free to Play"

    It would appear that Valve are gearing up to release their documentary film surrounding the world of Dota 2 and the lives of the gamers that play it. A new post from Kotaku's Jason Schreier indicates that Valve are in the process of screening the film to test audiences over the course of the...
  9. Lobster

    CS:GO "Overwatch" Introduces Community Driven Policing

    Valve have begun a trial run of a new community initiative for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive named Overwatch. The idea is to recruit a group of "investigators" from the community in order to combat persistent cheating and other disruptive, in-game behaviour. Players are selected to become...
  10. Lobster

    Steam Trading Cards Officially Revealed

    Following a week of speculation and rumour, Valve have officially announced the beta of Steam Trading Cards, a new feature that will allow players to earn and trade rewards using their games and Community Profile. Also included is a major cosmetic update for the Steam Community, offering players...
  11. Lobster

    Gabe Newell To Participate In LinuxCon Keynote Line-Up

    Gabe Newell, Valve's co-founder and managing director, is to take part in this year's LinuxCon and CloudOpen gathering in New Orleans. The event, taking place in September, will feature a variety of speakers and panels focusing on the future of open source software. Newell will be offering...
  12. Lobster

    Valve Live Chat with Greenlight Developers

    On May 7th, a live discussion was held between Valve employees and Indie developers via the Greenlight Developer group on the Steam Community page. The aim of the chat was to answer questions and concerns amongst the Greenlight community, as well as take suggestions for the future improvement of...
  13. Lobster

    Left 4 Dead 2 Beta now available - Linux Support included.

    As promised last week the Left 4 Dead 2 Beta Client is now available to everyone that owns the game, bringing Linux Support to Left 4 Dead for the first time, continuing Valve's commitment to the platform alongside the Portal Beta reported yesterday. The Beta also allows access to the Extended...
  14. Lobster

    Left 4 Dead 2 Beta Goes Public - Will Include Linux Support

    In the latest update to the official Left 4 Dead Blog, Valve announced that the Beta Client for Left 4 Dead 2 will expand its availability to the entire community next week. The Beta Client was introduced back in February with restricted access to mod makers wishing to help test the "Extended...
  15. Lobster

    Greenlit MMO Heralds Arrival Of Steam Subscription Plans

    Valve have officially announced functionality for subscription-based billing services within Steam. While the Steam Store already contains a sizable library of subscription-based games, Subscription Plans will, for the first time, allow developers to offer users the ability to make regular...
  16. Lobster

    Disney acquires Lucasfilm. New Star-Wars movies planned. Everyone loves talking about Star Wars right?
  17. Lobster

    Dishonored - New game from Arkane with interesting pedigree.

    So Arkane studios who made Dark Messiah, Arx Fatalis and since cancelled 'The Crossing' are announcing a new game called Dishonored, a first person stealth game along the lines of Deus Ex. They have DX co-creator Harvey Smith as creative director, along with Viktor Antonov who art directed a lot...
  18. Lobster

    Custom map: Sphere of Roundness!

    Just a small singleplayer sphere that needs testing, I really want to make a set of cooperative maps eventually but portal puzzles are a curious thing, its really easy to overlook an obvious gamebreaking solution that the next player spots immediately, so i figure its best to practice a bit on...
  19. Lobster

    Saxton Hale Comics

    Some of you may remember back when the Sniper vs Spy update was being teased, a joke coupon appeared on one of the pages, that people could send off. Well I was reading RockPaperShotgun today, and it seems some people sent the coupon off, and recieved the following Saxton Hale comic covers...
  20. Lobster

    New L4D2 Trailer

    Shacknews just posted this: DISCUSSSS Youtube Version: