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  1. Uriel

    Boners!!! I'm pitching a tent over this like mad.
  2. Uriel

    Pakistani F-16's beat RAF Eurofighter Typhoons?

    Linky Seems kinda fishy and I certainly hope it's not true. Although the F-16 has been an absolute workhorse, especially for the US and Israel, I find it hard to believe it defeated a 4.5 generation fighter jet, even if the F-16 was a block 50.
  3. Uriel

    Serious Question

    Would you rather: 1. Sleep in a bed full of spiders 2. Eat a bowl of poop
  4. Uriel

    Selling Zee Computer

    Sadly, I am once again selling my computer and I would be very appreciative of any estimates you guys can give me. My goal is to sell it rather quickly with a reasonable price. Specs CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300, stock speed @ 2.5 ghz Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-UD3R Memory: 4 gigs DDR2...
  5. Uriel

    Post Your Computer Desk

    Exactly what the title says.
  6. Uriel

    Something about this makes me so happy
  7. Uriel

    Fedor lost and I'm pissed

    Yup, he lost. >< So angry. :flame:
  8. Uriel

    Need to find a video

    The video where the old woman is living with the dead man unknowing he is dead. Hilarious interviews take place. Key words - "I thought I smelt cabbage" "Ma ma ma mind was like..huh?!"
  9. Uriel


    Everytime I play L4D2, the idiocy of Coach astounds me more than any other bot. I find myself almost screaming racist comments at this bot because of the constant moronic acts he keeps repeating. Is this just me or is Coach abnormally frustrating to play with more so than any other bot?
  10. Uriel

    Portal 2 Blue Screen @ GDC Awards

    LINKY "Valve played it cute at tonight's Game Developers Choice Awards, rigging up a fake Blue Screen Of Death during boss Gabe Newell's time on stage. Course, it wasn't just a BSOD. It also contained some cryptic Portal 2 marketing. A poster over on Penny Arcade has cracked the code...
  11. Uriel

    Gaming News Website

    What is a good website for current pc gaming news and updates?
  12. Uriel

    UFC 104 - Machida vs. Shogun

    UFC 104 - Machida vs. Shogun, who's watching it tonight? And who do you think will win? Shogun Vid Machida Vid Machida is undefeated and dismantled Rashad Evans so easily, but Shogun has a handful of impressive wins and killer knees. Karate vs Muay Thai Wewt
  13. Uriel

    Windows Kernal Question

    I remember reading somewhere (possibly on forums) that new versions of windows are built off the same kernel that has been used for a quite a while and needed to be re-written. Is this true? and how is windows 7's kernel different from previous versions?
  14. Uriel

    My passionate hate towards rap

    The experience of joining the Air Force has introduced me to an excess of rap music, continually blaring inside rooms and out into the hallways of the dorms. I am now familiar with all the big artists of rap and have listened to the modern "greats" of rap music again, and again and again...
  15. Uriel

    Should I buy this?

    Looks like Steam now has "Knights of the Old Republic" for only 10 dollarydoos. Should I buy it? I've never played it. Heard grand and marvelous things about it.
  16. Uriel

    A piece of me is forever gone...

    ....a piece of my molar broke off while chewing a lifesaver. AND I SWALLOWED IT ;(
  17. Uriel

    More Blizzard Garbage

    Apologies if this is already posted, but I think this a steamy bowl of crap. No LAN support for Starcraft 2? Wow! Utter BS.
  18. Uriel

    Recommend me simple PC games

    I'm looking for two in particular but I'm open to other recommendations. One has a view like grand theft auto 1 and it was mentioned here in the forums previously. You fight waves of monsters and they drop guns, ammo, bombs and you choose particular perks. The other is a slightly older...
  19. Uriel

    What'd I miss?

    I've just completed basic training so I've been totally out of the loop for 2 and a half months. I left April 28th, what's happened while I've been gone? Games? News? Movies? Anything new with the regular forum users?
  20. Uriel

    Building a gaming rig, advice needed

    Just got done with basic training and my friend needed some info on building a computer. He has 2200 to spend on a system, he already has a case, monitor and preferials. What should he get?