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  1. PoeticRocker

    Hell on Wheels

    The first episode I saw looked really promising. I'll have to catch up on the show sometime.
  2. PoeticRocker

    The Walking Dead Season 2

    This was a great episode.
  3. PoeticRocker

    Little Big Adventure on GOG

    An awesome, awesome game. Both of them really... Always will hold them close to my heart. <3 And the soundtrack was always musically epic.
  4. PoeticRocker

    'The Dark Knight Rises'

    Gordon: "Or we'll have to execute Inception!" (camera pans to the Inception team by Gordon's hospital bed)
  5. PoeticRocker

    Your Best Video Game Music

    Pc game nostalgia! I love the LBA theme song. Wonderful. Crusader: No Remorse soundtrack is pretty cool too.
  6. PoeticRocker

    Half-life 1 Trailer by James Benson

    I don't understand the criticism for the animations being too exaggerated. I mean if I was in a gunfight, my limbs would be frantic with movement simply because of the desperation to not get shot. I think everything is well done.
  7. PoeticRocker

    Films: Rate and Discuss

    The Hangover Part 2: 1/5 - Why? Unnecessary. Just like first one. Apparently seeing penises make us laugh...
  8. PoeticRocker

    cars 2 looks like shit

    Is anyone disturbed by the fact cars go through air-line security checks and bathrooms like human beings? I mean what the hell!
  9. PoeticRocker

    Carmageddon 2011

    Memories!! Sweet memories of running over people with my car and doing high jumps with random powerups!!
  10. PoeticRocker

    The female Bieber sensation

    The song does what its meant to do and thats to be catchy. The only thing that makes the song bad is the lyrics. If a professional record producer was to get their hands on the song, they would have revised the lyrics I'm sure. It's really your average catchy pop song like Miley Cyrus...
  11. PoeticRocker

    Battlefield 3

    They should do a real sequel to BF1942. Ever since Battlefield 2 been out, I've been wanting them to do another BF1942 game with improved graphics. Instead they just seem to focus more on modern combat themed games nowadays.
  12. PoeticRocker

    Your Favorite Video Game Music Tracks

    Total nostalgia.
  13. PoeticRocker

    The Walking Dead TV Series (AMC)

    You guys really nitpick the show. I don't exactly have high expectations for a zombie show. Still the show is entertaining to me for being a lot like a B-zombie movie. I don't expect it to have me on the edge of my seat like other great drama shows. I just take it for how I view most zombie...
  14. PoeticRocker

    Siouxsie and the Banshees awesomeshit (want more music like this!)

    I believe Siouxsie and the Banshees are catogorized as darkwave, or goth. But also they're considered post-punk. I tend to like their later stuff more it seems. For sure they have a great sound though.
  15. PoeticRocker

    You fav/worst/most disappointing games of 2010

    As much as I enjoyed Mafia 2, I still feel very disappointed with the game's release. This is the type of disappointment I felt after seeing Indiana Jones 4. It's such a tragedy to see this game full of so much potential be completely wasted. I wanted the game to be as much as a masterpiece...
  16. PoeticRocker

    Horror movie recommendations?

    Since I just saw David Cronenberg's The Fly, I don't think I've ever seen anything more terrifying and disturbing. I saw the original before, but it didn't have much of an impact on me like the remake did. What an amazing movie. It be cool to hear some recommendations on what horror movies...
  17. PoeticRocker

    Cookies and Cheating GFS

    I've done this approach before and believe me she won't like you at all after you invade her privacy. But the thing with me and my ex was we shared our email passwords as a sign of trust. Of course this is a stupid idea and we were young back then. With that said, I too wondered if she was...
  18. PoeticRocker

    'The Dark Knight Rises'

    The title makes Batman sound like Jesus Christ. I'm done with Batman movies. They can only get worse and worse from here on.
  19. PoeticRocker

    Awesome series you never watched until now

    It's Breaking Bad right now. Awesome awesome show.