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  1. Full Life 1?

    Your new background

    I was posing some Alyx in Gmod, and I thought: Hey, this would make a great background with a bit of editing! So thats what I did. About an hour of posing and 30 minutes screwing with Photoshop editing. Theres two versions, try out which one you like.
  2. Full Life 1?

    Bizarre Photoshop CS4 Problem

    So, I have photoshop cs4, and the vtf plugin, and I'm trying to save this picture I have as a vtf. But, every time I try, it says that it cannot save it, because the image width is not a power of two. I have no idea what the hell this means, so could someone help me?
  3. Full Life 1?

    Random TF2 Themed Sound Clips Time!!

    So, I got Audacity yesterday, and decided to mess about with the TF2 voice clips. I don't have a youtube account or any of that crap though, so they're in a zip file unless someone real nice could put them on youtube, with credit to me. They are: Heavy VS Spy: The heavy really wants to push...
  4. Full Life 1?

    My Tutorials Thread

    Ok, welcome to my tutorials thread. To start us off, I have made a tutorial on Anti-Personnel And Anti-Vehicle mines. Feel free to request a tutorial, and I will try my best to make it happen. Mines OK, so you want to blow the shit out of some poor unsuspecting player eh? If so then read on...
  5. Full Life 1?

    L4D Sdk Problems

    I'm having some problems with the left 4 dead sdk. Every now and again, when i load up my map, decals are turned random colors, police barricade models have black where there should be holes, and every time I select something, it turns black. It really annoys me, and I need a way to fix it so I...
  6. Full Life 1?

    Custom Textures

    I need someone to make a custom sign texture for me. It should say: RAIL BAR in sign writing with a little rust and a black background. Also, someone needs to tell me how i install and use custom textures. Thanks for any help guys!
  7. Full Life 1?

    NPCs On A Mounted Gun

    How would you make NPCs automatically spawn using a mounted gun? Im working on a rebel base map and need two rebels on mounted guns. Ive set up the mounted guns with a Mountpoint and all, but im not sure where to go now. Any help would be appreciated. P.S Im making it for HL2.
  8. Full Life 1?

    What The Hell?

    Hi, ive just got left 4 dead, and im trying to extract some music from the gcf because i want to use it in garry's mod, but everytime i try, it says that the mp3s are .ncf files and have no content! What the hell does this mean and how can i fix it? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Full Life 1?

    Glitches Away!

    Hi, i was playing through Hl2 last night, and i found some fun glitches: The Invisible Men: On the coast level, just after killing the gunship from the lighthouse, when you go onto the cliff path, just walk to the very edge of the first part before jumping to where the supply crate is, and...
  10. Full Life 1?

    Music In Maps?

    Hi, Im working on a level that may turn into a series, and ive run into a problem. I want to put in some music, but when i place an Ambient_generic the music previews as a hev charger sound. Any Help?
  11. Full Life 1?

    Moving boat?

    Im making a map for half life 2 at the moment, and i need to know if there is a way to make a boat move? Any help would be appreciated as i am not a very experienced mapper. EDIT Hello? Help?!
  12. Full Life 1?

    Easy EP1 Completion

    Hi, i was playing ep1 a few minutes ago, and i found that using the commentary nodes in dev commentary, which give you limited invincibility, you can complete most of the game without taking damage! This is quite handy for people who get killed a lot. If youre one of these people i hope this...
  13. Full Life 1?

    Half Life 2 Gets C++ Error

    My hl2 keeps getting an error on startup, just after preparing to launch. No idea what to do, tryed everything, but all my other source games work fine! It goes like this Runtime Error! Program: h:\pr... R6034 An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library...