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  1. mrchimp

    Unreal 2006?

    Ah so it's the Doom 3 engine then? I thought as much.
  2. mrchimp

    Take a Guess!

    Presumeing it's not the new UT game. Command & Conquer: Twilight possibly I really don't know, Starcraft 2 makes sense though.
  3. mrchimp

    Unreal 2006?

    Which engine? Your game sounds like the kind of game I want to play.
  4. mrchimp

    cs_docks for source (wip)

    I'm well aware of that. However I didn't make the presumption you were planning on doing it. I'm sorry if thats offended you in any way.
  5. mrchimp

    Which compiler and IDE to use for HL2 coding?

    It doesn't say on the website that it supports C++ Syntax, nor does it say whether or not it comes with a C++ compiler. Could you elaborate on how you got it to work with the HL2 SDK and how you are compileing the DLL's?
  6. mrchimp

    The "Hello World!" Thread!

    Boo (Uses the Common Language Interface, so it can access .NET stuff) print "Hello World" or Import System Console.WriteLine("Hello World") The first one is a just a macro of the second most likely.
  7. mrchimp

    2d fun part 2

    Looks good, but oh god does C++ look ugly after programming in Java, Python and Boo.
  8. mrchimp

    Free compiler...

    Microsoft have released the compiler that comes with VC++ 6 (Which I think is what Valve use) for free. You can probably download it off MSDN and use it with Dev C++. However I think the SDK relies on VC project files as well, which I don't think Dev C++ can handle. There might be a converter...
  9. mrchimp

    cs_docks for source (wip)

    looks good. I think some alpha blending on the ground texture would make it look a bit better.
  10. mrchimp

    Need more forumites....

    I signed up, it will be interesting to see what they do with the source engine.
  11. mrchimp

    Cheesy alert... lol

    MMORPG's don't need to have cutting edge graphics and the Source engine isn't a static project. Valve are still developeing it and I think licensee's are privaliged to updates. Not only that, but Half-Life 2's graphics depend more on which shaders it's useing rather than which version of the...
  12. mrchimp

    de_inferno_Jc [Wip]

    looks like some interesting geometry (the most interesting I have seen so far), you just need to add some detail and work on the texture placement.
  13. mrchimp


    It's makes me laugh everytime somone gets kicked off there ISP. :smoking:
  14. mrchimp

    For the love of god please help.

    You may have to do ASM(asembler(sp?)) in electrical engineering, but if it's anything like A level electronics it will be outwieghed by the silly mathmatics. Still if I can do it, most people can do it... or not as I apparantly live in an academic bubble and I'm not in University. Anyway...
  15. mrchimp

    For the love of god please help.

    On the coolness scale it rates about -1 :laugh: Instead of trying to tell you how to run a class file (which I have never done myself) or create jar file with a manifest file, I'll just post the jar file. rename .zip to .jar You need the JRE1.5 - 1.4 won't work.
  16. mrchimp

    Regarding scans - READ!

    Can't.... leave it.... alone.... *MrChimp* rips hand away from keyboard.
  17. mrchimp

    Regarding scans - READ!

    As Gamespy and gamershell have hosted them we're allowing the screenshots. Besides your not responsible for the content of sites you link too as far as copyright is concerned. EDIT: Gamespy just pulled the images.
  18. mrchimp

    For the love of god please help.

    For a laugh I made a version with a GUI, in under 100 lines no less. The only code that is relavent is in actionPerformed(). package tests; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class BeefCalculator { GUI gui = new GUI(); public...
  19. mrchimp

    Can anyone help me with a Java program?

    the method equals is similiar to "==" not "=". I sugest you download the Java API Documentation ;) BTW if you don't like using switch you can use if(){}else if(){} ect. It's better programming practice than just using a load of if statements and is less bug prone (In my experience) than...
  20. mrchimp

    Interesting article about Java performance

    Whoops I was talking about the last link not the first. Personally I like C++ and think that it is the better/more interesting langauge (although a little long winded), but VC++ isn't free and Netbeans is, also JavaDoc is indespensible as far as I'm concerned and so is the Java API. Thats...