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  1. mrchimp

    Interesting article about Java performance Very informing, speed is becomeing less of a problem for Java. Infact it hasn't been a problem for years :rolleyes: Unless your makeing something massively complicated. Here's my faveriot bit: Now I'm going to sit back and wait...
  2. mrchimp

    My first full java app I'll let you work out what it does :thumbs: I'll post sections of the code if there's anything anyone wants to see in particular.
  3. mrchimp

    Beginners guide to the Source engine and remember vote for the thumb pointing upwards :naughty:
  4. mrchimp

    Real Life Gravity Gun not so far fetched

    I thought valve were just hashing theorys together with the gravity gun but it appears it's based on the hutchison effect which has been proven to exist: Maybe Hutchison gives you the manipulator in HL2 :dozey: I...
  5. mrchimp


    I just made my first Java app and I must say my experience with Java so far has been very good. Only haveing to reffere to one API is fantastic and the way java forces you to do certain things is brilliant. The documentation isn't half bad either, although it seams to presume you already know a...
  6. mrchimp

    My first model & Wings 3D

    I'v tried all the major and alot of the minor 3D apps and this is the first one where I can make a cube do what i want :P Most of the apps I'v tried I couldn't get anything to work how i wanted it to and the one's where I could actually do something. I got stuck makeing anything more...
  7. mrchimp

    r4xx demo's on r3xx I think they both work useing the same wrapper, but I havn't finnished downloading either yet (the demo's that is).
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    HL2 has parallax mapping

    From what I can gather from these two links and some of my own knowledge: Parallax normal mapping is what the Unreal devs reffere to as "virtual...
  9. mrchimp

    Far Cry mostly just PS 1.1 - even the water I find this very interesting, it's not just the nvidia cards that use PS 1.1 Ati's do aswell meaning this game has some serious nerv calling itself a SM 2.0 game and even more nerve to suggest SM3.0 will make a difference when it's barely...
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    Omg Omg Omg

    Don't hurt me if this is as old as the wind;
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    M$ at it again, they are scum

    sounds suspicious... read the rest here: The fact that M$ has anything to do with SCO (the anti open source people) is enough to make me angry but the fact it might be them funding SCO's anti Linux law suites is...
  12. mrchimp

    Pong game I made - source code inside

    As a bit of practice I decided to make a pong game in a graphics API called allegro I found in dev-c++'s packages. It's the first program I'v done that isn't command line based, although it's by no means the most complex. It's not finnished yet, I plan on adding some sound and an AI that...
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    I bet 50p that it will be more than...

    I bet it will be more than 2 months now that he has said that :dozey:
  14. mrchimp

    NV40... looks like ATi are in trouble Nvidia have apparantly said there new card will have 16 pipeline's instead of a 8x2, while ATi won't. I'm not sure what the difference between...
  15. mrchimp

    Need help with Class pointers

    ans3 = *cShips[n]->Destroyed(ans2); That line of code gives the error warning: invalid type argument of `unary *' ans3 and ans2 are bools, cShips is an array of pointers pointing to instances of the class Ship, Destroyed is a function in the Class Ship. The array works when I'm trying...
  16. mrchimp

    Free hosting for your mod or clan

    First of all i hope the mods don't have a problem with this :naughty: But seriously my mate is offering any clan (for any game) that is of a certain size or has there own server (as in game server) free hosting at You will get your own forum and subdomain, all you...
  17. mrchimp

    Realtime soft shadows demo!

    It's not just a shadow demo either there are some interesting physics in there, if you hold down the right mouse button over a object it acts like the gravity gun. It's not like those other crappy soft shadows, these are the real thing. You need atleast a DX9 graphics card though and the...
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    Your too FAT! go on piss off... Sorry about the thread title, but this is pretty funny.
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    What would you rather be?

    I'd rather be ignorant, that way even if my life is a load of balls I will still be happy. :rolleyes:
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    LOL @