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  1. <RJMC>

    Valve Jira Database Accessed Once More - HL3/L4D3/Source 2 Groups Expand

    how does this info was leaked? this looks like some kind of private stuff including the names of peoples and such
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    Steam Announcement #3: Steam Controller

    so how does those 2 circular things work exactly? you just slide your finger and works like mouse?
  3. <RJMC>

    Valve's Small San Francisco Team Has Closed

    after hearing about that spaceships game that was shelved,and now this,wonder if valve is experimenting on various ideas at the same time
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    "The Walking Dead: 400 Days" now available on Steam!

    I bought the first game and liked it,very cool,it made the other zombie games look less emotional engagin event he last of us ,even though I havent played it,only watched a walktrough some opinions about the ending and other spoiler stuffs I think the best way to describe the game is...
  5. <RJMC>

    A big Sven Co-op announcement

    sven co op 2 being a new valve made game like tf2 was during the orange box?
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    gamescom wave powered by VALVE

    wil be set in hawaii and will feature realistic surfing physics due to most levels being on the beaches fighting the amphibious combine forces,and gordon freeman will wear teal colored hev suit whit floral decals and say "kawabonga" all the time
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    Huge Half-Life 2 Update [3.7GB]

    well them,I will be back to where I was which is to not caring about valve since they adopted this "complete silence" policy on the games they are developing.......
  8. <RJMC>

    The Last of Us- New game by Naughty Dog

    lol I also noticed that in the playtrough and I have a questiong,how many games have come lately where you have a ai sidekick who barely attacks and seem inmune to the enemy? there is bioshock infinite and now this game,both having a young girl as sidekick
  9. <RJMC>

    The Last of Us- New game by Naughty Dog

    I watched a whole walktrough so I dont think that counts as playing,but the graphics though not being photorealistic do felt very real,it has this effect that when you see a indoors place form the outside it looks darker and when you enter it the "light adjust" so it dont looks o dark,thats...
  10. <RJMC>

    Metal Gear Solid 5

    that can be said of like 40% of the characters of the whole metal gear series
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    Metal Gear Solid 5

    yeah I was impressed too despite me being kind of tired of the mgs games still trying to scrape the same universe besides kojima knows how to make good trailers and all that
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    Scientists achieve technological singularity, ushering in a new age of peace and prosperity

    I saw one episode of that big bang theory,it was just a concentration of all the same cliched nerd stereotypes that has been done on tv and movies since ever,dont get whats the big deal about it "lol that nerds collects action figures and them a hot girl arrives and the nerd is like so nervous...
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    Off the wagon...

    well atleast I didnt said to the guy to keep smoking
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    Xbox One

    microsoft,the 80's called,they want theyr vcr design back now more seriosuly,I think microsoft just decided to stick whit the exclusive cod and nfl and said "welp that is going to get us money we hope, screw the rest" and added all this other stuff
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    Off the wagon...

    masturbate more,it will replace your smoking habit
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    next 3 sonic games will be WiiU exclusive....

    isnt suposed that new sonic games suck,or that mentality has finally changed?
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    Bioshock: Infinite [no spoilers]

    played and beated the game,got same dislikes as the rest like the weak combat,but to me combat felt more repetive tham weak and there wasnt so much diferent kind of enemyes imo still the setting and visual are the big points of the game,good to see a more mainstream game decides to ditch the...
  18. <RJMC>

    this is probably a good enough reason why the US/UK shouldnt arm Syrian rebels

    similiar and worse things has ocurred in other war torn countryes but people didnt payed attention because youtube didnt existed back them
  19. <RJMC>

    Hyperbole and a Half is back after several year hiatus

    wasnt she writing a book or something?