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  1. robotman5

    What OS are you on?

    My dad actually bought it lol i just used it because hes on Windows 8 now.
  2. robotman5

    Steam Self-Use Refunds Now Available For Pre-Orders

    that's great
  3. robotman5

    do you use a custom skin for your steam?

    I don't use skins for Steam, just use the default one.
  4. robotman5

    What OS are you on?

    I am currently on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit How about you guys/girls? :whistle:
  5. robotman5

    Source 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Prototype Screenshots Leaked

    Looks great.
  6. robotman5

    What Will Your Reaction Be When HL3 Gets Announced?

    I would be very happy.
  7. robotman5

    Your recent gaming purchases

    Dead Island.
  8. robotman5

    Is it just me, or do other people like replaying the original HL2 and the two episode

    yeah im getting in the mood to go through Half-Life 2 again.
  9. robotman5

    Mass Effect 3

    sounds ok.
  10. robotman5

    Always bet on Duke

    can't wait for this game. :)
  11. robotman5

    Minecraft = Love

    i would play this but i can't buy it :(
  12. robotman5

    Do I need HL2/HL2: Episode 1 to play Episode 2?

    when you can, go and buy hl2 and hl2 ep1.
  13. robotman5

    Portal 2 TV Commercial Spot Released

    looks awesome.
  14. robotman5

    Designer Behind 'Thief' Doug Church Joins Valve

  15. robotman5

    lets get this straight.

    ermm ok then.
  16. robotman5

    Ravenholm is scary

    i found it to be scary also.
  17. robotman5

    Curtis got slapped by a WHITE TEACHER

    wow this is retarded.
  18. robotman5

    After 12 years, someone finally gave Gordon legs

    awesome video.
  19. robotman5

    Beyond Black Mesa Trailer - Short Indie Film

    this looks AWESOME! :D
  20. robotman5

    Anyone tried the free Company of Heroes Online yet?

    hmmm might give it a try.