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  1. dream431ca

    If the Universe is infinite, then we have a problem

    It would be impossible to do that in an infinite universe because there would be an infinite number of yous. Sorry for double post.
  2. dream431ca

    If the Universe is infinite, then we have a problem

    Paradoxes are not liked in science, that's why it could be considered a problem. But I do find this very interesting.
  3. dream431ca

    If the Universe is infinite, then we have a problem

    So I was reading a book called "The Hidden Reality" and it describes parallel universes and other similar topics using string theory and such (but in plain English) and one part of the book blew me away and I thought I might share it with you all since I found it so amazing. The book tackles...
  4. dream431ca

    Plane Crashes into Nevada Air Show Crowd

    Haven't people learned? I love Airshows, unfortunately, if people don't follow proper safety procedures, it can be very dangerous. You never, EVER, do acrobatics OVER the spectators. You can do straight and level flight over the crowd, (I've seen lots of that before at other Airshows), but never...
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    Songs that make you feel happy...

    Blind Guardian: Valkyries:
  6. dream431ca

    Blind Guardian comes out of no where and WIPES THE FLOOR!!!!

    I don't think I've ever heard anything so Epic.
  7. dream431ca

    Yeah, let's all run into that radioactive fireball!

    I have this documentary. It's called Trinity and Beyond. A must see if you haven't seen it.
  8. dream431ca

    Good documentaries?

    The Race to Absolute Zero. BBC documentary on how scientists want to reach 0 degrees Kelvin or -276 degrees Celsius.
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    Are you suffering from Avatar depression? if so please kill yourself

    I saw the movie. All fluff, no substance. The story has been done so many times before. I was quite disappointed with the story, but the 3D effects were the best in any movie to date. I think this movie was meant to be more of a "tech demo". It wasn't a bad movie, just not that great.
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    crap, i'm locked inside

    Silent Hill 4.
  11. dream431ca

    Anger Management Thread

    Listen to Metal, mainly Power Metal.
  12. dream431ca

    Did Aliens build the Pyramids? (clips added)

    I'm sick of this shit. People are still arguing over if Aliens built the Pyramids?
  13. dream431ca

    Should NASA be given more operating money?

    That's a very scary thing. If Nasa becomes private then I can see a pretty big economical mishap. What should happen is a bunch of countries create their own space exploration unit and merge together rather than relying on Nasa to do everything. That would be the best way to go.
  14. dream431ca

    What really happened to Tiger Woods

    What the hell is wrong with rich/famous people? Every one of them seems to have the same story unfold: A) Get rich B) Get beautiful women C) Lose everything by self inflicted stupidity.
  15. dream431ca

    Church + science = ...not creationism?

    Continuing the multiverse discussion, I think there is only one way of leaving our universe and that is Hyperspace. Hyperspace simply means space that is anything above 3 dimensions. The first dimension can be considered just a line, you can travel left and right; that's all. In the...
  16. dream431ca

    Church + science = ...not creationism?

    Just like society evolves, religion must evolve if it wants to not be forgotten. If religion does not evolve, people will not accept it, and it will be forgotten.
  17. dream431ca

    Awesome things about life

    Metal...lots and lots of Metal. Makes my day, any day.
  18. dream431ca

    N.K. and S.K. warships fight each other (again)

    What is the point NK is trying to make? They know they can't do anything drastic or the world (mainly China) is gonna be up their ass.