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  1. dream431ca

    If the Universe is infinite, then we have a problem

    So I was reading a book called "The Hidden Reality" and it describes parallel universes and other similar topics using string theory and such (but in plain English) and one part of the book blew me away and I thought I might share it with you all since I found it so amazing. The book tackles...
  2. dream431ca

    Blind Guardian comes out of no where and WIPES THE FLOOR!!!!

    I don't think I've ever heard anything so Epic.
  3. dream431ca

    Bookmark THIS SITE!!!

    You will be amazed. Type in almost anything and all the information you want is there. (It's still in alpha so it's still limited but the potential is HUGE!)
  4. dream431ca

    HOLY ****!! A Meteorite!!

    I just had to share this! I was sitting in the family room having supper, and all of a sudden to the east, this really fast green light came streaking down from the sky with a gold tail (the pieces of the sheared off metal). After about a second, the green ball exploded in to a white ball and...
  5. dream431ca

    American Government bailout AIG insurance

    Now I can officially say, the American economy is in major trouble. If the government has to buy 79.9% of the shares of the world largest insurance company to prevent it from collapsing, there is a major problem. America has officially gone from capitalism to socialism...
  6. dream431ca

    Fat Princess

    Genius idea! Must read! GOTY!
  7. dream431ca

    So I was playing Civ4 the other day....

    And Greece and Germany both declared war on me at the same time. Am I a bad person?
  8. dream431ca

    So I went to EB games to get my copy of GTA IV...

    What I saw kind of disgusted me. There was this 8 year old kid with his mom in the line, and his mom bought GTA IV for him...don't these parents do any research before buying their kids any games? I have nothing against GTA IV, I love the game, but what bothers me is parents who don't have a...
  9. dream431ca

    VENT Harassment

    These are great!
  10. dream431ca

    If you guys go a major concert like a metal concert, do you wear ear plugs?

    If so, what are the best ones for concerts? I'm going to see Nightwish in a couple months and I would like to be able to enjoy their future albums.
  11. dream431ca

    Deus Ex 3 under development

    Looks like our friends at Eidos are not quite done yet :)
  12. dream431ca

    New Nightwish Bonus Track!! For Dark Passion Play :)

    One of the best songs I have heard from them. It's only available on 2 special box sets of the new Dark Passion Play album. If you want a listen, go to the link below.
  13. dream431ca

    Warhawk is unbelievable!

    Watch these videos (All in HD). I wasn't too excited about it until now.
  14. dream431ca

    Germans break speed of light

    No joke.
  15. dream431ca

    Gran Turismo 5 screens...WOW (No 56k)

  16. dream431ca

    Ratchet and Clank (A must see, pixar quality animation)

    All real time graphics, quite remarkable (No 56k, HD version)
  17. dream431ca

    Heavenly sword gameplay footage from the E3 floor

    You guys gotta see this: (Links are to the HD videos, no 56k) part 1 part 2
  18. dream431ca

    MGS4 remanins PS3 exclusive

    Not to much of a surprise. Just to let ya know.
  19. dream431ca

    Whatever happend to Alan Wake??

    Do you guys know some new info on this game? I can't find anything. :(
  20. dream431ca

    You know what's fun..driving around multiplayer in Forza 2 with this!!

    It's so Awesome. I was against a really fast skyline one on one and the guy looked at my car and tried to smash me off the road, then on the very last turn he slowed down a little and I just bumped him on the back left side of the car and he slammed into the wall and I won the race :) Now I...