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    Seriously. ...right?>
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    Best Boss Name Ever

    So there I was. Well, I still am until 5 o' clock, but anyway. There I was at work. Alone. Bored. Thinking. Thinking about hurricanes. Then, naturally, my mind drifted to typhoons. Then, to Phantoon, the boss of the crashed space ship in Super Metroid. Phantoon gets my vote for coolest boss...
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    Tell me this isn't the shindiggidy!

    Okay, so if ya'll pay attention to many of my posts in the music forum, ya'll know that I'm a big fan of the band Cake. Well, a few weeks ago, I ordered a badass t-shirt off of their website. Well, I got it today and guess what? It arrived in a handwritten envelope! How freakin' cool is that...
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    My niece has been abused.

    My sister just picked my nieces up. I was babysitting them so that her and my brother-in-law could have a nice night out. When they came in, they told me something that they just found out right after they dropped the girls off. Since October, my 2-year-old niece Emma has been being abused by...
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    Just finished a nice hot bowl of my mom's gumbo. I tell ya, on a cold February day like this, nothing hits the spot quite like a big bowl of gumbo. What warms you up right on a cold day?
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    Googly eyes!

    Okay, so I went to the eye doctor today. He told me I'm a little bit near-sighted and that I have a little bit of astigmatism. But that's not important. What IS important is that they dialated my eyes and one returned to normal faster than the other. So here's a picture of my eyes right now...
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    Question on Disneyworld

    All right, so I'm doing my drive to Disneyworld tomorrow, right? I'm sure it will be fun, because it's Disneyworld, right? RIGHT? Anyhoo - here's my question. Should I or should I not ask one of those big cartoon character suit guys to give me a hug and then scream "RAPE!". If so, which...
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    Woooo! No more exams!

    Just finished my last exam of the semester a couple hours ago. Wow, I feel relieved. Now I've got 6 weeks to do what I please, which will consist of starting my new job and starting exercising again. So, what do all of my fellow college/university students here do on their intersession breaks...
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    The Best Feeling

    Okay, that other thread is making me depressed and grossing me out, so now it's time for the happy thread! What's the best feeling in the world, emotional/physical/mental/whatever? Keep it cleans guys. Mine is wrapping my arms around my girlfriend/snuggling.
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    Stereotypes 'n' stuff

    Okay, so we all know many different stereotypes. Let's hash 'em out, analyze them (meaning, origin), and see if they're still applicable in today's society.
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    Now, I'm no entomologist, but...

    Are ladybugs supposed to swarm? Here's the reason: I come home from doing some laundry today at about 1 in the afternoon, and there's easily 200 ladybugs outside my apartment. Everyone knows ladybugs don't bite, but they were flying into my hair and my face (and I think I heard some anti-semitic...
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    Favorite "Educational" Games

    Okay, this discussion has been going on for a little while in another thread, but I think it deserves its own. What were your favorite "educational" games (Math Blasters, Word Munchers, Oregon Trail) when you were a kid?
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    My new avatar

    Yes? No? Maybe? It's my first, so i welcome any comments, suggestions, or praise. especially praise