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  1. MultiVaC

    Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

    I just finished it recently, and I think the worst part about the ending was how not only was it not affected by your choices in any meaningful way, but how it makes almost all of your choices irrelevant by destroying any possibility of them actually playing out: Anyway, it doesn't sound...
  2. MultiVaC

    CS:GO Key Giveaway – Create A ValveTime Tagline

    "ValveTime - Conditions could hardly be more ideal" P.S. Just to be clear, does "enter only once on each of our accepted entry methods" mean we can submit a different entry in each of the three methods? For example enter one here, and enter a different one on Facebook?
  3. MultiVaC

    Valve working on "Steam Box" console?

    I'm not an expert or anything, but wouldn't this be be a major problem for the huge proportion of games that are on Steam right now that rely heavily on DirectX?
  4. MultiVaC

    Upgrade to - Planned Down Time

    Looking forward to the new site, gonna miss the old name though :(. It might sound weird, but it's going to feel odd to think of it as something other than But I guess that's what almost a decade of being here does to you; I'm sure I'll get used to it.
  5. MultiVaC

    Mass Effect 3

    Yeah, I would really hate something like that. I love going around the galaxy exploring every little detail, going at my own pace. It is pretty silly that the whole universe waits for you, but I don't really care. I have enough deadlines in life; I have no interest in having deadlines in my...
  6. MultiVaC

    Cry of Fear Released (Half-life 1 Horror Mod)

    Holy shit, I had no idea this was coming out already. Afraid of Monsters was amazing, high hopes for this one.
  7. MultiVaC

    The Greatest Horror Game of All Time Announced

    Some of the concept art that was in the ARG seemed to depict some sort of abbattoir and slaughterhouse looking things. Oh god, this is going to be horrifying.
  8. MultiVaC


    I only say it's worse for older games because of its (supposedly) inadequate D-pad. Old games and fighting games are the only things you would be using the D-pad heavily for, so a bad D-pad would be more of an annoyance in those situations than it would when playing Arkham City or Assassin's...
  9. MultiVaC


    Xbox 360 controllers are decent enough, and they are the "standard", and therefore most hassle-free to use. You don't have to worry about any software, and there are plenty of games that only play nice with 360 controllers and will force you to do some annoying tweaking if you want to get any...
  10. MultiVaC

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Yeah, Vivec was really cool, but god was it hard to navigate. Still, it's remarkable how much more visually striking many of the scenes in Morrowind are than anything from Oblivion, despite how much worse the graphics were. It doesn't even seem like Morrowind and Cyrodiil are even part of the...
  11. MultiVaC

    Letter air dropped on Occupy Chicago protestors

    The letter's author sounds pretty scared, actually. If people on Wall Street are sincerely thinking that they are going to be taken down, these protests are a lot more effective than I thought. Pretty sure it's just trolling, though.
  12. MultiVaC

    MW3 MP trailer

    Talk about reinforcing stereotypes. If the joke about Call of Duty players subsisting on Mountain Dew and Doritos isn't already true, this will probably make it so.
  13. MultiVaC

    PC Beta Sept. 29th, 27th with Origin pre-order

    The term "beta" has been so grossly misused in video game marketing that it's practically meaningless. This beta is starting less than a month before the game launches. It ends about two weeks before said launch, but the game would have to finished long before then if they are going to make that...
  14. MultiVaC

    Fallout New Vegas "Lonesome Road" DLC

    So far it's really pretty linear, yeah. You're just heading from point A to point B the whole time, with a few cool things to explore along the way. It sort of works well, though, with the way the whole thing is framed as a journey to a single, specific end. Fallout 3 and New Vegas have always...
  15. MultiVaC

    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    I remember one time on the part where , and a guard was talking to a civilian when I came up behind him and used a takedown on him. Unfortunately for the civilian I had the double takedown aug, and I ended up watching in horror as Jensen smashed her head together with the guard's and threw them...
  16. MultiVaC

    New Valve IP "SOB" Found in Dota 2 Leak

    I'm imagining Valve making a Freespace style game with that amazing artwork that was just posted. It would be codenamed "SOB" because the PC gaming community would sob with joy when it is announced. That would be the single greatest thing to ever happen to video games.
  17. MultiVaC

    Fallout New Vegas "Lonesome Road" DLC

    The first two were somewhat disappointing, but Old World Blues? I loved that one.
  18. MultiVaC

    Hard Reset (Cyberpunk FPS for the PC)

    Demo is out now, on Steam, or these mirrors: I like it. The demo is really short, but enough to show the shooting is pretty fun in an old-school, Serious Sam/Painkiller way, with plenty of...
  19. MultiVaC

    Dead Island gameplay video

    Can anyone who has the game tell me if there are any options for turning off some of those horrible HUD elements? I've heard there are some settings for it, is that true? And if so, how much of it can you turn off?
  20. MultiVaC

    MW3 MP trailer

    Well, if you ask me, the integrity of cinema in general has be thoroughly dragged through shit for a very long time now. There are only a handful of worthwhile things going on in mainstream cinema at the moment, and I've never felt that independent films have really found the strong niche that...