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  1. sfc_hoot

    New Type of Combine Soldier -- Found!

    I've been closely examining the Aftermath screenshots released, and I came across something which caught my eye. I've brightened up a few of the screenshots, and discovered this symbol on the armour of one of the combine soldiers: This is interesting, as the Combine Soldiers in Half-Life...
  2. sfc_hoot

    On the Crossbow...

    Whow... another thread brought back from the dead. Why do people keep doing this? Anyway, now that we're discussing crossbows again, I may as well add something: Anyone thought of this? How can the rebar be propelled, and fly properly in a straight line, if it has no fletching? I'd think that...
  3. sfc_hoot

    Dog vs. Garg

    I know, and so was I. See the little ":P" at the end of my post above ^. I would not have put that there if I was making a serious anti-Angry Lawyer post. I would've put something like: :rolleyes: instead, if that were the case. Yep. Apparently, knowing how to code can help you own people...
  4. sfc_hoot

    Gun ship,strider, look like alien to me!

    If they're from different worlds, then why do they all look the same? Beige skin, for instance. I think Synths consist of different species (striders, gunships etc), but they all come from the same race/planet - that explains why they all share similar appearances. And when I say "appearance"...
  5. sfc_hoot

    hl2dm sprays

    Mine: Yes, very original. ;)
  6. sfc_hoot

    Dog vs. Garg

    I think we're discussing a hypotehetical battle between the two characters here (based on what we've seen throughout the games), not an actual in-game version created with the Hammer Editor, and limited by the AI and Engine capabilities. :P
  7. sfc_hoot

    Gun ship,strider, look like alien to me!

    You've pretty much answered your own question. Striders, Gunships, Dropships, Shield Scanners, Crab Synths and Mortar Synths all belong to a race called Synths. The Combine previously conquered the Synths, and then enhanced them with their technology through forceful evolution. Before they were...
  8. sfc_hoot

    Half-life 2: Unnamed? What name would you give to it?

    How can the Combine strike back if they never attacked Earth previously? Anyway... Half-Life 2: A Free-Man and a Gentleman Half-Life 2: Freeheart Half-Life 2: The Airboat Diaries Half-Life 2: Goateeface (about Gordon's secret drug empire)
  9. sfc_hoot

    Dog vs. Garg

    What if the garg's flame is hot enough to melt dog? :cool:
  10. sfc_hoot

    What's the deal with Father Grigory?

    None. It's Grigori. :)
  11. sfc_hoot

    First Black Mesa: Source images

    Yeah. It always bothered me how the m203 had no reloading animation too. :| It would've been so simple to animate: 1. Slide m203 barrel forward. 2. Insert grenade. 3. Slide barrel back. But no - instead the grenades just "magically" appear in the launcher.
  12. sfc_hoot

    Half-life 2: Unnamed? What name would you give to it?

    Half-Life 2: The Gordonator :borg:
  13. sfc_hoot

    highway 17 help

    Valve like making puzzles that show off the Source engine's capabilities, especially physics. Something to think about the next time you get stuck. :)
  14. sfc_hoot

    Easter Eggs

    OMG MAJOR NEWS FLASH! Half-Life 1 manual, Gordon's letter: "Since you are unmarried and without dependants..." That picture is one of the developer's kid, Gordon doesn't have a family. :hmph:
  15. sfc_hoot

    HLS SD upgrade pack

    I'm too lazy to sign up. :( I take it you're a member; can you post us direct links or something like that?
  16. sfc_hoot

    Cool screenshot!

    Yeah, Castro betrayed Che Guevara and turned Cuba into the shithole it is today. :|
  17. sfc_hoot

    Is it just me? this is regarding avatars.

    What if... it has no end. :O
  18. sfc_hoot

    Favorite Default HL2DM Map?

    Hehe... it was at the top of the list. A little hard to miss. :cool: What do you mean? My thread did have a poll. I'm telling you, dude; the thread's are identical. :laugh:
  19. sfc_hoot

    HL2:DM problems

    1) You can't really change that - especially if there's something like 10 people in the server. 2) I hate this too. I was killed in Overwatch yesterday because I got stuck in a doorway carrying one of those blue shelves with the gravity gun. I was such an easy target. I also hate it how the...
  20. sfc_hoot

    God games?

    Aahh, Age of Mythology. :) That was good while it lasted, I even got the expansion pack... but I've deviated from the whole RTS genre now. I think Empire Earth II might get me back into it, though.