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    Greatest Relationships - ValveTime Top 5: Episode 7

    How can you possibly not include Judith and Eli, given the former's arc is driven almost entirely by love.
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    The Hobbit - Part 1

    I agree. Go **** yourself if you think "stoked" is an acceptable adjective to describe your excitement.
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    It's not, though. It is a fantastic show.
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    Our Dear Morgs, Happy Birthday

    Morgs is dear?
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    It would be a great shame indeed if someone closed The Killing Joke and the best they got out of it was "Oh, so the Joker has bleached skin."
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    I don't think it would work as that, either. The Killing Joke's backstory for the Joker was never intended to be definitive (read the Foreword). That they took it and canonised it shows only that they misunderstood the book's intentions.
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    How exactly would that novel translate into the art of cinema?
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    [MOD] ValveTime Video Review - Silent Escape

    "Is this mod worth your time? Or is it for the best that this mod stays silent?" Seriously?
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    And is this one such post to which you refer?
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

    What a pretentious **** you are. Wannabe film critic or what.
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    Not at all. I just find you a ****.

    Not at all. I just find you a ****.
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    Steam Community Receiving Major Overhaul Including Game Hubs

    Yes, Boff, I'm sure that's it. You are the unsung hero.
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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    I liked 'On a Rail'!
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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    Well, now it just sounds boring.
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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    Absinthe's post is very insightful. Drawing on the recollections of the first experience of playing is surely the best (and only?) way to go about re-creating the original in Source. How did the developers manage to overlook the fact that in the very dialogue in question the marines are shown...
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    Source 2 Files Have Been Removed

    I thought we'd stopped using that as a slur.
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    Films: Rate and Discuss

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    [VIDEO] Black Mesa Source 'On A Rail' Footage Leaked

    If they are going to go with the exact same intonations of speech as the original voice-overs, why replace them? The track is good. It's exciting. But it's out of place in the video's set-piece. It's jarring - two different things are trying to assert themselves, the game and the music.
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    Next-Gen Source 2 Engine Is In Development

    But none of that is why you are an idiot. Who do you think you are refuting in that post? It's not me.
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    I also hate you.

    I also hate you.