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    In case anyone thought that I was dead (and cared)

    Yay! People are actually here! :D In response to a few questions: No, I've never even seen the K11. I hear that Special Warfare Command has all of the guns produced up to date. (Around 300?) They said that they'll be arming every squad with 1 K11, which should be done at the end of the 30th...
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    In case anyone thought that I was dead (and cared)

    Thanks guys, I suppose I'll be around... whenever (not gaming much anymore due to physical constraints -- gave my cousin my game IDs) :P
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    In case anyone thought that I was dead (and cared)

    Nope, still alive. Also made it through the whole officer training deal, somehow. Gonna ship out to Officer Basic Course for a few months and off to the DMZ here I go :D If you want to know details: 25th ("Drakes") Inf. Division, Artillery Regiment, Forward Observer @ FEBA-A (Forward Edge...
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    Kerbal Space Program

    Holy Effing Shit.
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    Do Gooders of, why do you obey your moral compass?

    Yeah, this seems most sensible. I do try and game theory this shit sometimes, but it never gets anywhere.
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    My somewhat-near-death experience, and ponies

    Well, as you guys say, I really just might emigrate. Or at least go to an American/UK/anywhere I can communicate university for graduate school. Possibly computer sciences. Economics, my major, has largely failed me and I don't know what I would do in the future. I'm seriously reconsidering...
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    Do Gooders of, why do you obey your moral compass?

    I obey my moral compass simply because I believe it's right. I have come up with a logic for my behavior -- humans are social, a society needs willing participation of members to function correctly (and vice versa) therefore it is better for myself to act for society. But things like sacrifice...
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    My somewhat-near-death experience, and ponies

    DEATHMASTER I kinda don't know anymore. Trying to prove myself to myself doesn't seem to be the greatest idea I've ever had, now that I think of it. I've looked this up, and Oh. God damn it.
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    Bethesda gains rights to STALKER, proceeds to turn it into horseshit

    This. Seriously this. It took me around 160 hours of Skyrim to figure this out, but this.
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    My somewhat-near-death experience, and ponies

    Haha, well thanks guys. I've forgotten how much I love this place. The Korean military has always been: Death? PANIC! TAKE PRECAUTIONS! -> Forget about death, forget precautions. -> Death! It probably didn't help that I was secretly drinking water from the showers when they spray you. Heh...
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    Have you seen this man's Penis?

    Oh GOD :laugh:
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    My somewhat-near-death experience, and ponies

    38C (100F) is a record breaking temperature, even for what constitutes as inland in the Korean peninsula. There I was, in the XXth Reg. 13th Batt. trying to walk in full combat gear with 30kg packs on my back. They hadn't given us any water for this training session, because of supply problems...
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    Games: Rate and Discuss

    EVE Online (unsure/10) I like it. I like the ships, and I like the guns and missiles that you can shoot with those ships. But it has one helluva steep learning curve, and it seems that soloing casuals like me aren't going to get too much out of this game, since multiplayer interaction seem to...
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    Ray Bradbury dies

    Yeah. Good sci-fi all around. :(
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    So, what cosmic horror emits radiation and needs to be taken down with A-10s? It's a portal to Hell. Or they summoned an Old One. Hopefully nukes work on thsoe things.
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    South Korea removes Evolution from textbooks

    Well, frankly you have better universities and scientific institutions. So that evens out. People only care about technology (big and thin TV screens, touch screen phones, hypersonic ballistic missiles, etc.) here, and are pretty ignorant of the SCIENCE that is supposed to be the goddamn basis...
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    Game of Thrones thread with lots of books spoilers inside spoiler tags

    Agreed with every point. And I'd even forgotten that the red comet even existed. :O
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    Kids of "the Iraqi Hiroshima"

    Holy shit. I thought depleted uranium was meant for killing tanks? Not for urban fighting?
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    Man eats another mans face.

    Moral of the story: Don't smoke things that are not meant to be smoked. Also don't eat faces.
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    South Korea removes Evolution from textbooks

    Jesus Christ. Brb, shooting up churches. On a more serious note, I have no idea how this happened. I have seriously no idea how this happened. Years ago, when I was learning Biology II in high school.... well even before that, when I learned about evolutionary theory in middle school, it...