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  1. B_MAN

    Steam Holiday Sale

    This is a great tip. Most people seem to think that the games reach their max sale price on day 1, but this isn't the case. Be patient!
  2. B_MAN


    Aftermath has successfully renewed my interest in BF3. Anyone in NA still playing? Add me: C0RR4D0
  3. B_MAN

    Farcry 3

    I still can't get past the hideous looking threat/damage indicator(s) and the clunky UI.
  4. B_MAN

    Dishonored - New game from Arkane with interesting pedigree.

    is the AI as frustratingly dumb as they appear to be in so many of the vids I've seen?
  5. B_MAN

    Guild Wars 2

    CORRADO.1095 Isle of Janthir (NA) let's all post up our names and servers in preparation for "server guesting" (inviting people from other servers to party and quest with you)
  6. B_MAN

    Guild Wars 2

    any official word as to why GW2 isn't on Steam?
  7. B_MAN

    All digital game licenses in EU might be legal to sell second hand!

    but they also want to get rid of used sales (lost sales) by switching to digital this could potentially ruin that plan, especially if other countries follow suit,2817,2406671,00.asp
  8. B_MAN

    All digital game licenses in EU might be legal to sell second hand!

    it'll be very interesting to see how this pans out I am sure Valve will go along with this, and I certainly like the idea of selling whole accounts rather than individual games I also hope this puts a giant dent in EA's plans re digital content (Origin)
  9. B_MAN

    Hitman: Absolution

    no thanks
  10. B_MAN

    Max Payne 3

    free copy of LA Noire if you pre-order MP3 on Steam
  11. B_MAN

    Diablo III launch thread. Post your battletags.

    Lots of people hated Diablo 2 at launch, if I recall. It took quite a while for it to develop into the cherished masterpiece that is is today. So if you're on the fence, or you've already bought it and you can't seem to stick with it, try revisiting it again in 6-12 months...
  12. B_MAN

    Diablo III launch thread. Post your battletags.

    ^Same here. Despite the rocky launch and the changes to the RP part of the game (ie skill selection, stats), I am having a lot of fun with it. They've done a fantastic job of balancing simplicity and customization, allowing new players to enjoy the game (friend of mine is new to PC gaming/diablo...
  13. B_MAN

    Dark Souls coming to PC

    damn you! I haven't posted on here in a while but I thought this bit of news would warrant my return... anyway, as one of the 92k petition signers I am very excited for this DaS is a fantastic game and deserves to be appreciated by another chunk of the gaming population plus new bosses? better...
  14. B_MAN

    Guild Wars 2

    ohhh, unseen footage, thank you whenever I've played "traditional" MMOs in the past, I've always gone to the aid of random players, but it never felt like it meant anything I absolutely love the fact that in GW2 you can fight alongside people in the same area, despite not necessarily being...
  15. B_MAN

    Far Cry 3 - Did I ever tell you the definition of WUBWUBWUBWUBBBBBRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    wow those threat/damage indicators are so ugly and distracting
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    I'll check it out
  17. B_MAN

    Resident Evil 6 trailer is out!

    can we move while aiming this time?
  18. B_MAN

    Dark Souls Official Announcement trailer (Demon's Souls 2)

    signed it a few days back pretty surprised at how many signatures it got within the first 48 hours even if they don't port Dark Souls, hopefully they will consider it for the next game in the series anyway, been doing some PVP in the "forest" aka Darkroot Garden in NG+ tons of fun, especially...
  19. B_MAN

    Dark Souls Official Announcement trailer (Demon's Souls 2)

    have you done the Butteryfly in darkroot garden? it's quite easy if you summon the witch to aid you