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  1. FrostedxB

    Metro: Last Light

    Bump because of new E3 video/interview. Looks great.
  2. FrostedxB

    Forza Horizon

    Bump because a new trailer was released. Looks like it's going down more of a NFS style road, but hopefully more simulation than arcadey.
  3. FrostedxB

    The E3 2012 Thread: Hopes and Dreads

    All I care about is that a new Forza was announced. It's the only game I'm never disappointed by.
  4. FrostedxB

    NFS: Most Wanted 2

    Yeeeeee loved Most Wanted, hell I loved most of the NFS games. Excited for this.
  5. FrostedxB

    Man eats another mans face. The man who had his face eaten is still alive, and some pretty nasty images are floating about the internet if you wish to see them. The man who was eating was shot and killed...
  6. FrostedxB

    Dishonored - New game from Arkane with interesting pedigree.

    Sounds fairly boring honestly.
  7. FrostedxB

    Isaac Clarke returns to break the generic space marine mold

    As much as I enjoyed DS1 & 2, I'm having a hard time getting excited for this. Gunna wait for a gameplay trailer or something more than a screenshot or a guys helmet before getting hyped at all.
  8. FrostedxB

    Dirt Showdown - The next Dirt game

    Well the game is out in Europe/Australia but seems to be delayed until June 12th in North America. Did any Europeans/Australian members try it out?
  9. FrostedxB

    Parents put son inside washing machine for lols
  10. FrostedxB

    Will you play Darksiders 2;

    Nope. Watched my roommate play the first and it looked lousy. Just another hack-n-slasher.
  11. FrostedxB

    Trayvon Martin gun range targets now for sale

    I mean the whole trayvon case in general, not just the guy trying to make a quick buck off of it. If it weren't for facebook, I never would of heard about this.
  12. FrostedxB

    Time to talk summer plans

    Taking three of my closest friends up to the Poconos for a day in June. Otherwise lots of car stuff.
  13. FrostedxB

    Trayvon Martin gun range targets now for sale

    I chuckled a little. This just seemed to be another case made big by social media activists.
  14. FrostedxB

    Dirt Showdown - The next Dirt game

    Played the demo and I have to agree that the crashing was really underwhelming. The boost seemed really pointless as well, it wasn't hard to finish first at all. The two cars I tried didn't feel like they handled too differently and the color palette seemed weird. Oh, and the stupid soundtrack...
  15. FrostedxB

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    This looks......ok. I see some potential at least.
  16. FrostedxB

    Dirt Showdown - The next Dirt game That gymkhana nonsense is back. That shit was annoying in Dirt 3 and I doubt it'll be any better here.
  17. FrostedxB

    Guacamelee, Willie's dream Metroidvania game

    This looks like a lot of fun. I will pay full price for this video game. :)
  18. FrostedxB, I need your advice...

    Guess I should put in a little update. Since girl A and I are going back to being just friends, I gave the other girl a chance. She came over to my room so we could talk about what we wanted and might have. Ended up kissing. Home = Wrecked. I have no regrets. Edit - Willie - no I don't teach...
  19. FrostedxB

    New Xbox Won't Have Disc Drive

    Pretty much this. I have a huge collection of original xbox games. Too bad half of them aren't backwards compatible. Lot's of good looking PS3 exclusively lately and I wouldn't doubt the PS4 will have just as many (Twisted Metal (s), Yakuza games, MotorStorm etc...). 360 games are all pretty...
  20. FrostedxB, I need your advice...

    It's too bad she wasn't exactly happy with me. Talked to her for a while and she said we went too fast. We agreed to go back to being friends for now, and just hang out whenever we have the time. Makes sense we only get to spend one day a week together right now. Kinda hope our schedules will...