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  1. Stigmata

    Garry's mod sequel in development

    It's basically "Dota 2 cosmetics" except you do 50x the work and get 0x the pay
  2. Stigmata

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 Trailer

    On the other hand (dohoho) the zero article can seem kind of pretentious given that Snake quite obviously has a prosthetic arm. We know which phantom pain it's referring to. Then the later revelation of THE Phantom Pain referring also to themes in the story is a neat little thing, which would...
  3. Stigmata

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 Trailer

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a terrible title. If they dropped "Metal Gear Solid V" from the title it would immediately be ten times as good, because why should a Metal Gear game inexplicably be open-world?
  4. Stigmata

    Windows 10 thread

    By "fresh install" do you mean cleaning out all driver files before installing the newest, or just using nvidia/amd uninstall utilities? The official utilities are notorious for missing files, and there shouldn't be any reason why you can't play Witcher or SimCity 4 or any number of other titles...
  5. Stigmata

    Windows 10 thread

    Are you sure this was because of Win10? It's more likely to be the result of a fresh GPU driver install.
  6. Stigmata

    Windows 10 thread

    or i could install Linux
  7. Stigmata

    Windows 10 thread

    But I'm lazy, so I'm just waiting for better frames in Dota. Once SteamOS and Vulkan are primetime, the switch to Linux will be easy and will have high-tier game compatibility. Until then I'm comfortable using Backdoor7 instead of Frontdoor10.
  8. Stigmata

    Windows 10 thread

    Win7 because I'm waiting on Vulkan for better Linux gaming. I will never upgrade to 8 or 10. Win7 may have several backdoors like all Windows OSes but at least I get Solitaire for free with no ads and no keylogger B)
  9. Stigmata

    Vegeta897... my love...

    needs more zoom tbh
  10. Stigmata

    Windows 10 thread

    ayy sick counter-argument, thank god the CIA was there for you 40 years ago to plant the "conspiracy theorist" meme as a go-to win state any time you face off against someone who disagrees with the status quo
  11. Stigmata

    Windows 10 thread

    you know what they say - if you're not paying, you're the product :V
  12. Stigmata

    Windows 10 thread

    I see no compelling reason to install a f2p keylogger when Win7 works perfectly fine.
  13. Stigmata

    Examining The FULL Aperture VR Demo - ValveTime Spotlight Exclusive

    It still strikes me as a romanticisation of the medium. Consider platformers - a "platformer with 3D support" is a 2.5D platformer, while a 3D platformer is decidedly a different experience. But there isn't any mystery in the middle when you think about it. Looking backwards, it's just 2D...
  14. Stigmata

    Examining The FULL Aperture VR Demo - ValveTime Spotlight Exclusive

    These kinds of statements throw me for a loop. I just don't understand what the big problem is with plugging in a VR renderer as a decoupled camera on top of a traditional mouse+keyboard setup, or why a game like that wouldn't be doing justice to VR. Mouse or right thumbstick aims, WASD or left...
  15. Stigmata

    Hey is this

    Aw shit I remember you, welcome back. This is neo Don't drink the water, they put something in it...
  16. Stigmata

    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    Ep3 will star Stephen Merchant as Overwatch, Ricky Gervais as Alyx, and Karl Pilkington as Dr Kleiner
  17. Stigmata

    More HL3 Bullshit [Fixed Title]
  18. Stigmata

    Gman and Scientist "Conversation"?

    Who's to say the US Government wasn't being infiltrated by aliens? That Earth isn't just another pawn-state in the Gman-species galactic war against the Combine?
  19. Stigmata

    Nostalgia from Half Life (a survey)

    My favourite moment will always be the intro to HL1, from beginning to end.
  20. Stigmata

    This forum is dead.

    no bullying in the dead forum thread