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  1. dfc05

    Seems we'll have new Half-Life game. What's some life events you've had since Orange Box in 2007?

    In 2007 I was still in college. After I graduated, went off to grad school and then a post-doc. Moved back for a faculty job, which is pretty stressful (I consider whether I should keep doing this on at least a monthly basis). I remember also getting into some very silly/pointless arguments...
  2. dfc05

    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    Advice on that would be much appreciated! I'll probably end up waiting a few months after HL:A comes out, and then try to get everything together, expecting a good setup today should drop in price next summer. Not a big deal for me to avoid spoilers.
  3. dfc05

    2019: The year of Half-Life SFX videos

    ^The Half-Life Alyx one is pretty great. This one showed up in my Youtube recommended list a month or so ago....
  4. dfc05

    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    Yes, that would be great for those of us who got kind of old and don't play games so often anymore. I'm curious what their demographic will end up being.
  5. dfc05

    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    Tentatively excited about new Half-Life content, but I've only had work laptops for the last 10 years and mostly I've only played little adventure/puzzle games during that time. So, I'd need to jump a whole decade in technology.... no clue where to even start on that! It's nice to see some...
  6. dfc05

    What's up? What's going on? How's it going? How are you doing?

    A long time ago I over-thought about this, and it annoyed me because in my mind "good" means "somewhat above average" (like an 85-90% exam score), so one can't be "good" 100% of the time. So for people I see often or know somewhat well, I've gotten into this bad habit where I'll pause a second...
  7. dfc05


    ^^^I once had an email not arrive until over a week later. The person sent a follow-up about a week after the slow one was sent asking why I hadn't completed the task yet. I generally keep my unread emails at zero, so I'm pretty sure I wasn't going insane because I remember "(1)" unread mail...
  8. dfc05

    College woes

    ^^^ I know a dude with a similar experience. I think the game "company" he was with had 3 guys and he thought the lead guy's ideas were all bad, so he quit. Now he's trying to start up his own company though. Pretty risky. Sinko, from what you posted, it sounds like it'd be good to stick it...
  9. dfc05

    College woes

    Undergrad in Chemical Engineering. Wanted to do Environmental Engineering but that's usually lumped with Civil Engineering and I prefer chemistry to physics/structures. ChE was all fun and games until one day I went to class and my prof says, "I'm going to tell you what makes chemical engineers...
  10. dfc05

    Speed runs for charity

    If anyone else enjoys watching speed runs: If you remember the old HL/HL2 runs from way back when, they used to host those (not anymore due to new no-scripts rules for the bunny hopping). Had no idea these marathon events were going on until I was...
  11. dfc05

    So now that the Steam sale is over..

    ^^^ Dang, that's almost as many games as I have in my entire Steam collection. This time I just got adventure games - Resonance & The Longest Journey. Also the Blackwell series but from GOG instead of Steam.
  12. dfc05

    The Christmas loot bag thread

    I don't like burgers but Five Guys is ok. Used to go twice a month with officemates. I always get mine with A1 sauce. I like them better than In n Out which I tried once in California and everyone else always raves about. The cajun fries are good too. This year I got caramel popcorn and a few...
  13. dfc05

    Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School

    Regarding "Guns are not the issue though, security is. How many gas masks do you think most elementary schools have?": What?! Are you actually proposing that schools get not only armed guards, but gas masks for every child, sizes 5-18? What is this, some kind of post-apocalyptic nightmare world?
  14. dfc05

    Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School

    Someone on my Facebook page posted this article on Australia's gun buyback program. I was too lazy to click through and read the studies but perhaps this would back up the gun control side. Obviously we have too many guns in the US and there is no chance the gun enthusiasts will actually opt to...
  15. dfc05

    Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School

    ^Yes. Thankfully nobody here has given the "everyone should be armed and then they can shoot the killer!" argument, but it pops up everywhere else, and I hate reading about how some guy woke up in his bedroom and shot an intruder. If they're just throwing out their stupid tasteless...
  16. dfc05

    Disturbing thread of the day: Sad bronies and their pony girlfriends

    Umm, no, he never says it was the first or only time he felt compassion. He says he felt little emotion when seeing hundreds of photos. This does not preclude feeling emotion to any photo ever, prior to having studied/archived/whatever those hundreds of photos. Sure most people feel "something,"...
  17. dfc05

    Disturbing thread of the day: Sad bronies and their pony girlfriends

    "Sociopath"? Who said he has no compassion for people? I nearly cried the last time I visited a Holocaust museum. If I worked there and saw the same pictures every single day, I wouldn't cry every single day. That would be ridiculous. It doesn't mean I don't have compassion. Obviously I can't...
  18. dfc05

    I haven't been here in a long ass time, but I need some help

    If the grader/prof is reasonable, they should give you points back. Also if the original file you sent was on blackboard or emailed, it helps to be able to point to that archived copy so they don't have to take your word for it. (p.s. It sounds like the TA is being the jerk but that is not...
  19. dfc05

    Miasmata, a game where you are the prey

    Game actually looks pretty good. I like the exploration and medicinal flower stuff, but hate the feeling of being chased/stalked in games, partly why I won't play Amnesia.
  20. dfc05

    Disturbing thread of the day: Sad bronies and their pony girlfriends

    Hmm ok I'll give you that. I rarely see bronies in my regular internet perusal (mostly email, facebook, youtube, amazon, news sites, and here). Sometimes I'll see someone with a pony avatar but they don't mention mlp in the content of their post. I don't go to /b/. If they are taking over other...