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  1. Ikagara

    Is there a ValveTime VOIP server (TS,Vent,Mumble,etc.)?

    Its not that active, just 1 or 2 groups of friends occasionally come on to play a game together.
  2. Ikagara


    I'm a noob, but am i THE noob who is ruining your experience?
  3. Ikagara

    Is there a ValveTime VOIP server (TS,Vent,Mumble,etc.)?

    I sent you it in a PM, I don't mind sharing it in the thread but not sure if I am allowed.
  4. Ikagara

    Is there a ValveTime VOIP server (TS,Vent,Mumble,etc.)?

    I have a Teamspeak server up that I let some other friends use. They are usually playing CS:GO on it, and a few others play minecraft. Anyone here would be welcome to use it too if they wanted to.
  5. Ikagara

    Whats your favorite class and why?

    Engineer, because I like to solve problems.
  6. Ikagara

    Best free video editing software?

    So a little while ago rikt made a thread asking for what the best free video recording software was but i was wondering about the other half. What is the best free video editing software? A long time ago a friend recommended Lightworks saying that its the only decent one you don't have to pay...
  7. Ikagara

    Best free video recording software

    to clarify, Open Broadcaster Software This is absolutely the best screen capture recording and streaming software you'll find. It has minimal impact on performance while you are playing a game.
  8. Ikagara

    Star Wars Episode VII

    Im not worried about them at all, worse case the movies will just be ok. I think its in good hands with disney, just look how well they are doing with marvel. A few of the marvel movies were just ok, but overall its been fantastic. The newest captain america was the best.
  9. Ikagara

    Half-Life: The Downfall of the Evolution

    If they have a crowdfunding campaign i would definitely throw money at this :o also they should set up that blog or have a newsletter for updates.
  10. Ikagara

    If you could edit any weapon...

    So use it as anti gravity. What powers the ZPM anyways? (I keep thinking StarGate) also shouldn't we move this conversation over to the half life section in a thread about the gravity gun?
  11. Ikagara

    Star Wars Episode VII

    They will be making 7 8 and 9, with lucas involved (forgot how much he is involved) and then after those 3 disny will continue putting out a star wars movie every year without any lucas intervention hopefully exploring the EU Here is an interesting video on "The Big Picture" views of the new...
  12. Ikagara

    Star Wars Episode VII

    what about ewoks?
  13. Ikagara

    If you could edit any weapon...

    Well from what i can recall, the gravity gun was more experimental, and even if it was used to propel the rocket, it isn't a thruster. the only way they could use it is to basically catapult the rocket in to space, where the "gun" is fixed to the launch pad propelling the rocket up. The energy...
  14. Ikagara

    Star Wars Episode VII

    Some news has been revealed about the upcoming star wars film, episode 7. We will be seeing the return of the original actors and their characters: Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill as well as Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker. we also have a due date Sauce...
  15. Ikagara

    Build the best DIY hardware, and win a free trip to space.

    Hack a day, a site and community dedicated to open DIY hardware is hosting the biggest contest I'v ever seen. Simply build some amazing piece of hardware that's revolutionary in some way, or even silly at a high level, and win a trip in to space(top prize) Other prizes for other places are...
  16. Ikagara

    If you could edit any weapon...

    thats not in tf2, but what if you could point the gravity gun at yourself to lift yourself up when its in super mode?
  17. Ikagara

    found this cruising the internet, thoughts?

    Source? higher res version? then it be a good background.
  18. Ikagara

    What is your speed?

    At work: I wish I had this kind of speed at home. Dat ping.
  19. Ikagara

    New Life

    What if he is colorblind? the red may look green if he cant see red. do we not like colorblind people?