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  1. ktimekiller

    ValveTime videos discontinued?

    That is most unfortunate. I hope someone else picks it up.
  2. ktimekiller

    ValveTime videos discontinued?

    Hi, I was really enjoying the ValveTime videos. Why aren't there any new ones? Thanks.
  3. ktimekiller

    Forum Ranks

    How does one farm trophy so that I can become an elitist forum poster
  4. ktimekiller

    CS:GO "Reintroducing Train" Update Released

    I really wanted to play train and adding it to the new map pool is an awesome opportunity. I honestly dont mind the bright colors as the old train was too grey imo
  5. ktimekiller

    Blizzard to release TF2 rip-off

    I am so disappointed that the opening presentation tried to lead people on with warcraft only to show this steaming pile of shit
  6. ktimekiller

    This forum is dead

    I aint dead~ I just went and checked Their forum is more alive than this place lul~
  7. ktimekiller


    Can we mother truckin please have some visual indication of which thread is stickied or not?
  8. ktimekiller

    how's it going, what's up in your life, and who are all these people

    I found a job guys, i dont feel worthless anymore
  9. ktimekiller

    how's it going, what's up in your life, and who are all these people

    I graduated about 2 months ago, still looking for jobs... At least I have a few interviews in process
  10. ktimekiller

    Show Off Your Best CS:GO Skin

    The first crate i unboxed in csgo was redline ak stat-trak and sold it for 60 bucks.
  11. ktimekiller

    wtf what is stickied or not

    pitchfork time, lets raid his house
  12. ktimekiller

    guest users?

    not bots, not signed in guests
  13. ktimekiller

    guest users?

    the number of guest users on this website is much higher than i expect. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE
  14. ktimekiller

    Your favorite game music ever?

    from Nier
  15. ktimekiller


    you just watch when hl3 comes out, its gunna come back to life just like this website
  16. ktimekiller


    look at this 07er thinking hes been here forever *snicker*
  17. ktimekiller


    whos the noob? im an elite 2003er
  18. ktimekiller

    Bot does whatever he wants

    I made a funny video