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  1. Ren.182

    Battlefield 4 unveiled behind curtains (and you're all stupid enough to buy it)
  2. Ren.182

    SimCity 5 Announcement

    It's pretty crazy how it waits half an hour before it tries to connect again. That's quite a long time! Why not a queue system? Surely people will be leaving during that 30 minute window... Holding off a long time to get this... if at all.
  3. Ren.182

    SimCity 5 Announcement

    We all saw it coming:
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    ARMA 3

    I can't even access the store, doubt I'll be one of the first 500 then. Not that it matters really, I just want the damn game >_<
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    ARMA 3

    God those videos are awesome. It looks like ARMA 3 is going to be a joy to play and a lot less clunky.
  6. Ren.182

    ARMA 3

    God damn. I'm gonna need to upgrade my graphics card finally I think >_< Also, can we use the slide in the second pic? :P
  7. Ren.182 Arma 2 Ace 2 Information Videos

    I've always wanted a TrackIR but never played enough games that support it to justify paying for it. I'll probably be getting an Oculus Rift however so fingers crossed it will support it!
  8. Ren.182 Arma 2 Ace 2 Information Videos

    Buying this shit instantly. Very excited for this! Will this have Oculus Rift support at all? Edit: But yeah, since it's going to be on Steam hopefully it'll make use of all of Steams features and be easily moddable. Perhaps it will make use of the Steam Workshop?
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    Least favorite game mechanic?

    The sun in Battlefield 3... MY EYES!
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    Least favorite game mechanic?

    Haha, yeah, rubberbanding feels so cheap. Also, this: Bloody eyes...
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    Playstation 4 thread

    Some people do have their AV setups coordinated though. Some people like to have the console on display next to their super awesome amp and TV etc. I can see where they're coming from, but they can't buy the thing until the end of the year so what difference does it make that they haven't seen...
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    Least favorite game mechanic?

    Infinitely respawning enemies until I pass a certain trigger. ***** me right off. I like to sit at the top of a town or whatever and snipe sometimes. But I'm obviously not going to progress when enemies just keep respawning until I walk to the other side of town. Regenerating health. Just...
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    SimCity 5 Announcement

    FFS. Check yesterday when the beta keys went out and I had no emails. Check today and I had an email with a key which had arrived after I had checked and the beta has already ended. Really wanted to play this :(
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    Lol Iran:
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    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    Got some boots! Also got 10 tshirts, 2 hoodies, 2 jumpers, 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of shoes. New wardrobe sorted!
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    Oculus Rift Videos

    Someones got HL2 working with an Oculus along with a gun. Looks pretty cool!
  17. Ren.182 Arma 2 Ace 2 Information Videos

    Man why is DayZ not on this engine instead?! But yeah, gorgeous screenshots. If the previous videos are anything to go by this game looks so much smoother than 2. Hopefully it'll be that smooth when it reaches our PC's!
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    X-COM: Enemy Unknown remake in development at Firaxis Games

    I'm pretty far in this at work and only lost two people. I feel kind of unstoppable so long as I have two fully levelled snipers covering my ass. But yes, **** Chryssalids and Cyberdisks.
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    Wind Waker HD announced

    The textures aren't really anything to write home about but they're an improvement over the original. That said, the original still looks great today! I'm not complaining though Wind Waker was one of my favourite Zelda's so I'm looking forward to this! Might actually keep my WiiU now!