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  1. Lolcomputer

    Meet the UshankaCat

    Welcome to the community! Hope you like it here, even though it is quite quiet at the moment.
  2. Lolcomputer

    Does anyone remember a mod something like this?

    I know this reply is very late, but holy shit, thank you a lot for that.
  3. Lolcomputer

    Does anyone remember a mod something like this?

    If I remember correctly, it all starts out in a van, and you're free to fool around before the game starts. Apparently you time travel back to the ice age or something, and you're able to shoot mammoths. I know that sounds really vague and useless, but it's all I remember. I'm trying to do some...
  4. Lolcomputer

    Valve Partners With Lionsgate To Bring Films To Steam

    Well this seems very nice, hope you get some more niche movies as well, you know movies you can't watch on netflix or whatever
  5. Lolcomputer

    Valve at GDC 2016

    I'm actually most excited to hear about the Vulkan development
  6. Lolcomputer

    HTC Vive Price Revealed - $799

    I think a lot of people who are PC gamers are going to buy this. I think it caters most to that demographic. People who have enough money to buy a top notch PC, can surely save enough money to buy a VR-headset, right? And play games with intensified immersion. Though the Vive comes with...
  7. Lolcomputer

    Half-Life 2 Recommending an Episode

    i heard you can get into a lot of trouble for saying that
  8. Lolcomputer

    HTC Vive Games Coming Soon! - ValveTime News Round-Up (18th January 2016)

    The same reason why people give a shit about Gordon Freeman; he's part of the story.
  9. Lolcomputer

    Someone claming to be a valve employee posted a thread on reddit about Half Life 3

    If you haven't followed up on the news, it's fake. Moderator got tricked, and he fell for it. Another day, another false leak.
  10. Lolcomputer

    Haven't been here in some time

    Any big news that I might have missed?
  11. Lolcomputer

    Windows 10 thread

    Yea, okay, so it's propably the ones who build the computer for me. Perhaps they used a reused copy of Windows, I honestly don't know anymore since the option to reserve Windows 10 doesn't show up for me. Right now I'm updating Windows for the 5th time, maybe I'm lucky this time.
  12. Lolcomputer

    Windows 10 thread

    Just found out that Home Premium version of Windows 7 can't upgrade... Guess which edition I have ):
  13. Lolcomputer

    Windows 10 thread

    Nothing Valve related, but since Windows 10 is the new thing, this thread is propably inevitable. I haven't upgraded to Windows 10 yet, since I kind of don't wan't to leave Windows 7. Altough if someone has upgraded, then why not share your initital thoughts on this thread? Is it worth it or...
  14. Lolcomputer

    Examining The FULL Aperture VR Demo - ValveTime Spotlight Exclusive

    I could actually see this work really well with live escape games. You know, the games where you're locked in a room with conspicuous clues and have to find your way out.
  15. Lolcomputer

    Serious Sam 3 Design Analysis

    Nice analysis; agreed with everything. Perhaps a quick mention of level design would have been neat aswell, but as it stands, it's still a well done video. EDIT: Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, would love to see more games analysed. What you've done is quick and comprehensive, and now...
  16. Lolcomputer

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Aged 55

    As a person whos not a fan of nintendo, I don't relate to this death as much as they would. So I figured that if the CEO of my most favorite/nostalgic company passed away, I would personally be deeply heartbroken aswell. I say that, because I'm not personally heartbroken. Don't get me wrong, I...
  17. Lolcomputer

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Aged 55

    This is on the same level if Gabe Newell died today -- heartbreakening. Rest in Peace.
  18. Lolcomputer

    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    I actually wonder how long Valve can go without announcing a new game... 2 years? 3 years? 100 years? Perhaps a year after when they're done with Steam hardware... Seriously though, Valve should really communicate with their fans more, so we at least have a slight idea of what they will do...
  19. Lolcomputer

    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    Everything's speculation, but I personally think that Valve is just nervous that they'll **** up, so they're taking their sweet time finishing it and making sure it's quality is top notch. Right now in this presence I don't think it's one of the most anticipated games ever, but I think it will...
  20. Lolcomputer

    Half-Life Artist Ted Backman has left Valve

    I don't think the entire Valve company is working on Steam together. There surely is a team developing Half-Life 3, or at least considering it's potential, inside Valve I would think. Ignoring Half-Life 3 or abandoning it seems like such a foolish idea. In all fairness, we should also remind...