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  1. tomemozok

    More HL3 Bullshit [Fixed Title]

    I missed a flaming war? damn...
  2. tomemozok

    Hey is this

    Whatever that queston was about, my answer is yes! :D
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    Prize Pools and Engine Upgrades - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Sooo... No Source 2 for cs yet... Nor a fix for that dreadfull thing they call ui that lacks basic funcionality that dota 2 has had for years?...
  4. tomemozok

    Using Unity at Valve - Vision Summit 2016

    Why the spoiler tag?
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    The Valve Holiday sale-ARG

    I'm an active member of the discord and reddit community of the ARG, and you will not beleve the conclusions we have made as a community. This is connected to valve and a game, all signs leading to Half-life. OR, Valve is the ultimate troll, getting pleasure from fools like me and 50k more people :D
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    Hey is this

    What if we change the site to We might get a boost of new people that way :D IT'S A TRAP!
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    I miss driving my old car

    Good cars, terrible looks, but the safest thing you can get for the road... Really sad they went kaput. P.S. finding parts for these things is a bitch!
  8. tomemozok

    Steam Client Bug Displays Random User Details

    Best roller-coaster ride ever. I went trough 30 accounts and 25 languages in less than an hour :D Good times, great times :D
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    City-17's location

    All is well with your theories (i'm surprised i haven't found this post earlier), but there is only 1 problem. The suppression device is located in the Belgrade Parliament building (this has been confirmed by Viktor himself), so i'd say it's a mix, but it is probably somewhere in the balkans...
  10. tomemozok

    Turkey made a mistake...The world is going bonkers

    Turkey is probably going to pay a big price for that now. As for the world, do you think we are on the brink of all-out war?
  11. tomemozok

    The state of affairs

    Do we have a subreddit btw? If not, why? Note: There is a valvetime subreddit, but i have no idea who controls it (some of the staff here are on it but it has only 5 posts...)
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    The state of affairs

    We need a new valve game, or this forum is going to die... Cmon valve DELIVER THE GOODS (Sniff sniff)
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    What is this place...

    Was doing it, looked like a homeless person, needed to shave and get a haircut, which landed me a job :D Albeit a 3 month length job, it still counts!
  14. tomemozok

    SteamDatabase twitter says HL3.txt file found in DOTA2

    Don't worry, the hype train always gets rekt in mere days from volvo :D
  15. tomemozok

    Weird arabic spam on the forums.

    Yes Sir, Mr. Johnson Sir
  16. tomemozok

    Anyone has seen project x on greenlight?

    Here is the greenlight page and here is the story on eurogamer about it. Firstly, i like the idea and the mod/game from what i've seen so far. Secondly, this guy has a really interesting approach (sending a briefcase to valve and all) And lastly, i think this will succeed in being a great...
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    Weird arabic spam on the forums.

    There has been some weird arabic spam in around 14 posts that one user started. No idea what it is. Mods look into it plz and remove this thread afterwards.
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    Half-Life 2 : Substance mod

    Have played the mod for some time now and i love it! Althou there are a few weird crashes (like a stack overflow error that i got for around 10 times) everything else is lovely! ty @xdiesp
  19. tomemozok

    An idea that i have for a mod

    i'm considering making a HL story speedrun as a mod, from hl up until ep 2, in source 2. Would anyone want to play that?
  20. tomemozok

    Half-Life 2 : Substance mod

    For anyone who hasn't played this: It's an interesting what if scenario of the HL2 stroy, where the humans never surrendered. It has a few weapons from the old hl2 story and files (Play MI mod for more details on those), plus a few new over the top weapons, and a crysis-like suit management...