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  1. Warped


    I constantly have my data backed up onto my external drive so I'm happy its safe at least somewhere else. Cloud data storage will help with shit like this too but its only in it infancy
  2. Warped

    Post Your Desktops the "Willie will give you bananas if you do eet" Edition An aurora seen from the latest space launch, looks wicked sick!
  3. Warped

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    awesome, looks nice thank you
  4. Warped

    Really pretty Oblivion total conversion

    oooh found the link here. really want this now since I'm replaying Oblivion now with a Skyrim character :D
  5. Warped

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Downloaded Oblivion on my laptop and made a character from Skyrim. Its fun but all I need now are some enhancements. where is that video of the an upcoming mod that overhauls everything? I keep looking but can't find it
  6. Warped

    Steam Download Improvements

    I can max out at 2MB/s which is fine because most of my games are ready within an hour or less. Hopefully they increase soon because I constantly download more and more games onto my new laptop which is actually faster than my 5 year old desktop
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    Let's talk about sex,

    you get the gold star for the day!
  8. Warped

    Steam Summer Camp Sale has started!!

    New games list is up! :D I'm gunna get me some games bitches!
  9. Warped

    No more minimum wage?

    the gap between the richest and the poorest needs to be shortened. No one should be getting $120 million bonuses while people stand in long lines begging for food and or jobs.
  10. Warped

    Planetside 2 "coming soon"

    never played the first but I always knew a friend here and there that would rave about it. remember Huxley?? that would have been fun too but stuff like these seem to fall apart or get forgotten these days so I'm crossing my fingers it sticks
  11. Warped

    Let's talk about sex,

    I am her best ****, she says I'm the best all the time so I guess I'm doing something right. She has complained about me not going down on her but I sent her flowers today at her work...and then tonight I'll give my tongue a workout
  12. Warped

    No more minimum wage?

    FMC (**** my Country)
  13. Warped

    Let's talk about sex,

    I love sex, my girl and I do it about 5 times a week and it can go anywhere from 10 minutes for us to around 2 hrs. We have lots of fun and I make her orgasm many times. We used to try condoms but then I got sick of them and eventually she liked it that way too. Bad part is right now is that her...
  14. Warped

    Gears of War 3 leaked

    I enjoyed the 1st one to death, the second one was ok, but I'm hoping the next one is fun fun fun. still can't believe it got stolen
  15. Warped

    Steam Summer Camp Sale has started!!

    Got the Beat Hazard DLC ULTRA, then the newest Mount and Blade pack which I'm downloading now and play tomorrow on my day off. :D only spent $12 so I'm happy so far
  16. Warped

    Happy Freedom Day

    had one of the best 4th of July weekends ever. went to a fireworks show at the park with some friends on Saturday. got drunk Sunday night with my girl and her family and enjoyed their hot tub ;) then on the 4th saw the best live fireworks show at my girlfriend's uncle house with a 30 min show...
  17. Warped

    Respawn Entertainment is online

    I like new studios, these guys are on a thread so to speak so they're forced to produce something awesome. can't wait!
  18. Warped

    Sneaky Chinese are sneaky

    China has poisoned our children and now our weapons! whats next?? our minds??
  19. Warped

    Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta

    I'm upset but thanks for reminding me, I have to bring my PS3 in the shop for repairs. Tomorrow during my lunch break I'll drop it off then hopefully by Friday I can pick it up again
  20. Warped

    A cat has claimed me as her own, what do?

    yeah what he said ^