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  1. morgs Reunion Gaming day/night?

    Anyone down for Cosmic?
  2. morgs

    [Help Needed] University Survey

    I give consent: Agree 1. Somewhat 2. No 3. No 4. Disagree 5. Agree 6. Agree 7. Neither Agree nor Disagree 8. Agree 9. Agree 10. Strongly Agree 11. Disagree 12. Neither Agree nor Disagree 13. Strongly Agree Games: Half-Life 2, Bioshock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, The Stanley Parable, The...
  3. morgs

    Alan Wake: Humble Sale

    Alan Wake was fun for a while, but the combat/general gameplay gets pretty repetitive/annoying. Not to mention I found the story conclusion really unsatisfying.
  4. morgs

    Off the wagon...

    This thread really went up in smoke.
  5. morgs

    Off the wagon...

    How far'd you get before you turned around?
  6. morgs

    Off the wagon...

    The bad atmosphere may be driving them off, but I feel like it may have more to do with the fact that all there is to do here is post in the misc thread, or one of the other three active topics we have going.
  7. morgs

    Off the wagon...

    You're asking for detention young man.
  8. morgs

    Off the wagon...

    Another one bites the dust.
  9. morgs

    Xbox One

    They're only making it huge so they can bring out the more expensive slim version down the line; the Xbox .5.
  10. morgs

    Huge Tornado wrecks up the place near Oklahoma City

    Jesus, that's horrible.
  11. morgs

    Post Your Computer Desk

    Well, if you get tired you could always play chess with the wall.
  12. morgs

    this is probably a good enough reason why the US/UK shouldnt arm Syrian rebels

    I thought the US armed the rebels months ago?
  13. morgs

    Volition presents: the dumbest goddamn thing I've ever seen

    They could have made it play with every step instead of every shot, therefore see hence, dubstep.
  14. morgs

    Half-Life 2 Update Brings Beta Linux and Oculus Rift Support

    Finding a mapping for different keys doesn't make it 'work'. I would LOVE to see ten people play a game with that setup.
  15. morgs

    Half-Life 2 Update Brings Beta Linux and Oculus Rift Support

    There's no way a controller would work with DOTA. Abilities work in a multitude of different ways, and you just wouldn't be able to put them all on one stick so they would function properly. Having spells like blink to make a split second getaway just wouldn't be possible.
  16. morgs

    Ross Scott leaves Machinima

    Yeah, I don't get it.
  17. morgs


    They are one in the same.
  18. morgs


    Refried beans are great, I often have them on Nachos.
  19. morgs


    I didn't mean to grill the taco. It'd warm the taco, but melt the cheese!
  20. morgs

    **** fashion

    If people treat me different me different because of the clothes I wear, that's their issue. I'm not going to put on a pair of $600 Italian shoes in order to make them think better of me. I'd rather be myself and save some money.