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  1. hakojo

    Valve Responds to Steam Sales "cheapen intellectual property"

    How ironic; without a Steam sale, not only would I never have come to possess a copy of Mirror's Edge, but I certainly wouldn't have cosplayed the main character, nor would I now be willing to shamelessly throw my money at a sequel, should one appear someday.
  2. hakojo

    Interview with Merle Dandridge - The voice of Alyx Vance

    I love how accessible she sounds - a lot of actors have this tone like they're constantly auditioning for something. Also, I have long been curious about exactly what song Alyx is humming when she's working on the teleport in Black Mesa East! I had to laugh when she talked about actually...
  3. hakojo

    Half-Life needs instrumental music

    Winston's been hit.
  4. hakojo

    Peter König Concept Art for Unknown Valve IP SOB and Left 4 Dead

    Nah, it's obviously a backwards Firefly that hasn't quite reached maturity.
  5. hakojo

    Elevator: Source - Mod Release

    I just watched a bunch of guys in a virtual elevator for 45 minutes. I...I... what is this I don't even
  6. hakojo

    A very merry Christmas giveaway!

    Why not?
  7. hakojo

    Which Gman is creepier?

    I've never been able to take the G-Man seriously, simply because when he speaks, I always think he's going to tell me that the master would not approve.
  8. hakojo

    Portal Turret Plush Appears, Will Guard You While You Sleep

    I want one for the rear window of my car. It could keep my tachikoma plush company...
  9. hakojo

    Escape From City 17 - Part Two

    This. I was expecting her to die when she shot the thing; even if it somehow managed to come off, her head should have been nommed to bits.
  10. hakojo

    Would more Valve protesters get us Episode 3 news?

    Like everyone else, if I had the money and no other commitments, I would totally be there. Maybe we should all just mass-mail pictures of ourselves instead of going in person. It's a lot cheaper.
  11. hakojo

    Ellen McLain goes back to the studio

    Am I the only one who got excited because this might mean an extended Turret Opera for Songs To Test By vol. 3? Yes? Okay.
  12. hakojo

    What's the Half-life symbol means?

    Aww man... That was totally on my list of tattoos to get at some point. Sigh.
  13. hakojo

    Ex-Valve Employees Kelly Bailey & Mike Dussault Start Mobile Games Company

    Huh, I wondered why the music in the second stage of the game took such a dramatic shift.... It's interesting, though, because I've noticed, in listening to the soundtracks, that there are more than a few songs that seem to have roots in songs from the first game; "Reconstructing Science" was...
  14. hakojo

    Songs to Test By: Volume 2 released

    Awesome :D I really hope there's an extended version of the turret opera on Vol. 3... if it's a matter of getting Ellen back to do more recording, I would gladly pay for it.
  15. hakojo

    Deleted Caroline Message [Spoilers]

    If there was a source for it it would have rocked the internet already. It doesn't exist.
  16. hakojo

    Portal 2 Music Video Contest

    Huh; might give this a shot, actually.
  17. hakojo

    Deleted Caroline Message [Spoilers]

    The lines in the video posted by the OP are the deleted ones in the game files.
  18. hakojo

    Interview with Stephan Merchant

    I was hoping from some commentary from Ellen too - hers was easily the best from the first game. She sounded like some sweet old neighbor lady who'd invite you over for tea and cookies, and then show you the collection of dead bodies in her freezer, and you'd just kind of go along with it...
  19. hakojo

    [Spoiler] Need help finding a sound file

    She's the lead singer of the turret opera at the end, actually. I guess she was supervising the other turrets to make sure they were harmonizing correctly or something...
  20. hakojo

    [Spoiler] Need help finding a sound file

    It's not over until the fat turret sings :P