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    Trouble with CS 1.6. Please Help!

    ah sorry, i meant if he was buying from steam online.
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    Trouble with CS 1.6. Please Help!

    NO DONT BUY HALF LIFE. you doint get it with half life anymore they changed the packages about a year ago.,219&browse=1 thats the packages for cs now.
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    HL2 - Can it handle X2s?

    beerdude26, was it the optimization code from xbox they were putting in the last update?
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    HL2 - Can it handle X2s?

    does it run all other games like Doom 3 or far cry ok? if so we can assume you have the same problem as many others. I have 2 things for you to try. 1. If your using catalyst drivers try changing to omega drivers. this solved it instantly for many ati users...
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    Theory on slow teleports

    slow teleport = time travel to alyx & gordon the trip was instant but to kliener 2 weeks had past. Gordon & alex therefore time travelled 2 weeks into the future :)
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    HDR Bloom Mod Released

    jesus, it makes the game look like a dream sequence from Dallas or something :S
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    Internet validation hoses single player

    link why dont u try it for urself ? Trust me within about 60 seconds ull get a virus if u have no windows xp upates or anti-virus. Also how can u download anti-virus software without connecting to the net? same with xp updates. If your going to rebuild ur pc i suggest u have these xp...
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    Internet validation hoses single player

    steams sucks, it brings us updates to cs we dont want the online valiation thing took too long.It also hampers performance. Think of this: Someone who has installed windows xp onto a computer with no net access installs hl2 then hooks it to the net for validation INSTANTLY gets a virus(blaster...
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    Half-Life 2? What a disappointment ...

    i found gordon saying nothing in hl2 was bad but they compounded it by not telling u anything through the other characters. I was tearing my hair out at times thinking "wtf is going on!! why the **** am i doing this!!??" lacked purpose & tension at times. best bit for me was entering the...
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    My Review of Half-life 2

    hadouken is obviously a fan of valves technique but im not. The game seems rushed to me. Originally they were going to have kliener show gordon a newsreel which showed the invading hoardes of gunships & striders destroying cities and taking over earth. It was axed an all we get is a...
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    My thoughts (spoilers)

    i have to agree with alot of what the original poster says. They should have went with the idea that was scrapped....kleiner showing a movie to u and explaining what happened to earth etc. for me it lacked tension & purpose alot of the time it was all go here..go there..hmm wheres my...
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    The Half Life 2 Leak (Stolen Source Code)

    the source code is only a small part of the stolen build. The hacker originally released only the source code (100mb) this was the uncompiled source engine. (no textures, no levels no resources at all) screenshots of the code appeared on the internet but people said it was fake due to...
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    What is the "7 hour war" ?

    GiaOmerta, did u look at the link i posted ? bottem left of the page unless you think they changed it? i agree with the above. he was referering to The citadel because there is only 1 in C17.
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    What is the "7 hour war" ?

    heres something that was dropped from the game i wish they had left in. Its from raising the bar. describes what happened in the 7 hour war
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    OMG , Some One gave HL2 a 8.3 Score :ooo

    swift giving a game 10/10 means its perfect lol there are too many flaws in hl2 for it to be perfect. 1. some of the levels are good but go on way too long to the point they become tedious. 2. Not a big enough variety of weapons i could go on but i still thought it was great 90%
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    So where is all the cool stuff like in E3 vids

    traptown was indeed ravenholm. this was always the case even in the stolen build the tech demo "traptown" an the actual ravenholm part of the game were diffirent. The part with the swinging iron bar & falling dumpster were never part of ravenholm....only the e3 demo traptown. altho i have to...
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    A little rant about HL2

    well alyx was mortal in the stolen build U would fail the mission if she took too many hits & died. They must of changed it for gameplay reasons...
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    Where is the Hydra?

    yeah the hydra was really cool check the screenshot. Also they could have easily still had it in ...sure theyre not much fun to fight becuase soon as ur in range ur ****ed! but they could have just made it part of a puzzle to get past or something. bleh
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    HDR? How can I get HDR?

    actually i thought i spotted 1 place that use hdr . ill try find it and take a ss
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    A small number? Just how small is it?

    yeah i thought everyone gets it too. Dont know how this could have bi-passed so many reviewers...strange