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  1. Roland Deschain

    Good Canadian Online Stores

    Tried all stores (live in Toronto, so have a large number of used game stores at my disposal). I have the games now, I was just wondering if in the future there are good online stores that ship video games to Canada quickly and without involving customs.
  2. Roland Deschain

    Good Canadian Online Stores

    So the cheapest new Okami copy on is $85 dollars and Zack and Wiki is $40. This is insanely overpriced for these games. Are there stores where these games are actually sold for what they cost when they were released in stores ($45 and $25, respectively). PS: I bought the games for...
  3. Roland Deschain

    Good Canadian Online Stores

    Hi all, In the last month, I've had horrible experiences trying to buy Zack & Wiki and Okami for the Wii (tried to stay clear of eBay as it was a gift and I needed the games new). As I was told at the beginning of my odyssey, both games had been discontinued. No problem, I thought, I would...
  4. Roland Deschain

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Being a professional medic, I never really minded holding down the button to heal. Although I do ****ing love that they finally allow me to stop rezooming.
  5. Roland Deschain

    How to **** with people in TF2

    Personal disclaimer: it's really fun to watch, but these ****ers are really annoying if you are actually in the server:
  6. Roland Deschain

    Fun being a medic.

    Love playing the medic, although after 50 hours of it, I only play if my team is losing bad (not that I don't enjoy it, but wanna get some points with other classes). Basically, the medic can make the biggest difference to a game. For example, on well, a good medic will boost the health of 3-4...
  7. Roland Deschain

    Favorite class and why?

    If the team doesn't have a medic, that class is my first choice. There is nothing more satisfactory then seeing how much better a team performs with the addition of just one good medic. If the team also happens to have a good soldier/heavy, then me being a medic usually ends up making a huge...
  8. Roland Deschain

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    The demoman is a defense class and at this point his abilities reflect that. I only play him when my team is playing a obligatory defensive map and when the spy in my team is useless and can't take out the sentry gun.
  9. Roland Deschain

    Bioshock comes to Steam!

    Is the PC demo out, wanna see how far I can push my computer with this game.
  10. Roland Deschain

    Upgrading my Vista Computer

    Good, didn't catch that Microsoft retracted the policy. Since I got Vista for free, I might as well dual boot with it and see if I like it. More likely than not, I'll end up removing it and waiting for another two years until I have no choice but to install it. As long as I can...
  11. Roland Deschain

    Upgrading my Vista Computer

    Hi all, I just got myself a copy of Retail Vista Ultimate from a friend that works with Microsoft. Now, I have a semi-old computer (3.0GHz P4, 1GB RAM, 9800) that I know will run Vista, but I know I'll be doing a whole system upgrade within a year. Now, I heard from LifeHacker and...
  12. Roland Deschain

    Microsoft extends xbox360 warrenty to 3 years

    Well, they correctly observed that the negative perception of the 360's quality was gaining steam on the internet, to the point of people being reluctant to buy their first 360. (Case in point: me. I would have bought one a while back had it not been for both my friends being on their third...
  13. Roland Deschain

    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Pre-order Starts Today

    Can the 360 do DX10 graphics and if not, are there comparison screens, as I wasn't too impressed when I saw it on the 360.
  14. Roland Deschain

    What are your opinions regarding evolution

    I did not include Intelligent Design as it is neither a scientific nor a theological standpoint on life, but rather a legal manifesto set out to validate supernatural explanations within the science classes of the U.S. public education system. I'm provided four clear choices which I think...
  15. Roland Deschain

    Resident Evil 4 [PC] Out Today (U.S.)

    Yep, latest patch (1.10). The setup is utterly rudimentary, with me only being able to chose between three resolutions and full screen/window. I think this is as good as it will get. Here's a comparison shot...
  16. Roland Deschain

    Resident Evil 4 [PC] Out Today (U.S.)

    Just bought it for PC. Yes, the movies are in painfully low resolution and the textures are blurry most of the times, but it's still an awesome game. I haven't played it on either GC or PS2, so I can't comment on graphical comparisons. I did take a screenshot from one of the later levels...
  17. Roland Deschain

    Black Box Cancelled

    Yeah, I really don't think Valve will be stupid enough to alienate the dedicated fan base by forcing them to re-buy old product just to get their hands on new games. At worst, we'll have to buy the three games separately paying ~$10 more than we would have payed if we had bought the Black box...
  18. Roland Deschain

    Most frustrating game

    Wait, what?!? There were archers in that game. Man, it must have been so frustrating that I have totally blocked it from my mind.
  19. Roland Deschain

    Installing video card troubles

    If you unplug your floppy drive, make sure to go into your bios menu first and select "None" under the floppy drive option. That way the computer does not check for a floppy drive at startup and the boot should go just fine without the floppy being plugged in.
  20. Roland Deschain

    Most frustrating game

    Did you mean Sands of Time? Come on, that game was very enjoyable. However, the second one, Warrior Within, was very very frustrating. The perfect blend of repetitive fighting, confusing level design, continuous disorienting backtracking, lame attempt to be dark, bland bosses which demand one...