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  1. Sean

    Video Input Question

    That's what I'm asking; where can I find one? I got the card without any software.
  2. Sean

    Video Input Question

    I have a Radeon 9600XT with a Video In/Video Out dongle. I know I can hook up a device to it with an RCA composite cable and record video, but is there any way to play it live? Edit: By the way, Audio is not a problem. I just want the image is all.
  3. Sean

    Pics of your Computer!

    My box, with Gold Edition hotness, caputed with exclusive Sony BlindFlash technology. The front is actually lighted pretty nicely. Imagine a soft blue glow there. :p Edit: If you enjoy specs, you'll be glad to see the inclusion of the following list: - Intel P4 3.0 Northwood, 800GhZ FSB...
  4. Sean

    Flat Panel Displays

    So, I'm looking in to buying an FPD. What kind of numbers should I be looking at to make sure I'll get the least "ghosting" when playing games? For instance, I saw a specific monitor with a 16ms response time. Is that good or bad or average or what? I'm so confused... Edit: My card has DVI...
  5. Sean

    City 17 must be in Siberia

    It's supposed to look like somewhere in the former bloc - that was said on that GameSpot thing. The rest is left intentionally vague. Where's your hometown, jverne?
  6. Sean

    Half-Life all about time travel.

    It's never too early for physics! :D @Tyclell: IMHO, you're putting too much significance in those words. However, I do think time playes a very big role in the story. Maybe, if only Gordon hadn't been 30 minutes late, none of this would have happened in the first place. :p
  7. Sean

    Anyone want to buy this Team Fortress 2 shirt?

    Hehe, you'd have physics professors stopping you on the street with that one. Get ready to talk waves. :D
  8. Sean

    Cheats for Overwatch Pulse Rifle

    Ooh! How about a computer with a toaster built in to one of the expansion bays? Or maybe, like, say, a grocery store shelf that pulls all the food to the front automatically! Wouldn't that be sweet?
  9. Sean

    Half-Life all about time travel.

    I think, in the Lambda lab near the end of the game, there was a lot of random time travel involved with those portals. @AJ: Yeah, but that's just time travel in the same sense that sleeping is time travel. (After all, it's always a few hours later when you wake up then when you went to...
  10. Sean

    Hazard Suit Evidence Of Alliance?

    There is one thing for certain: Dr. Breen knows about the G-Man. Pay close attention to the ending, when he turns to you after unsuccessfuly negotiating with Eli: "How about it, Dr. Freeman? Did you realize your contract was open to the highest bidder?" So... who is he trying to outbid?
  11. Sean

    Half-Life all about time travel.

    Actually, BelisariusRomani, physicits have a very good understanding of how time works. Have you ever used a GPS unit? If we had no functional model of spacetime, they would be impossible. @groovy: Yeah, I guess we'll have to see. You know, like, when it comes out. :p
  12. Sean

    Hand Cuffs on Nova Prospekt Vortigant

    Hmm, have to load up HL1 and check out that Nihilanth thing. Also, was it just me, or was he wearing a collar too?
  13. Sean

    Could someone please give me good settings for my ATi catalyst card?

    Read this, it should come in handy.
  14. Sean

    Half-Life all about time travel.

    Yeah, you know, because a Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator is totally realistic. :p In all seriousness, though, you should do some reading on quantum physics. What's already been done may surprise you. Edit: As for your paradox, keep this in mind - you can't change the past, but you can...
  15. Sean

    Did anyone see the combine steal the buggy?

    Bastards stole my planet, stole my mentor, and now they're stealing my car? ... It's payback time. :D
  16. Sean

    Hazard Suit Evidence Of Alliance?

    I feel that the G-Man planted everything to serve some higher purpose. He has the capability to stop time and spacel; what could the resistance possibly offer him that he couldn't get himself? As for Kleiner having the HEV suit and Barney having the crowbar, the G-Man obviously knows what's...
  17. Sean

    anyone know how to do this?

    There is, no doubt, some sort of shareware program designed to do this. I guess you could try and Google one up. Just be wary of spyware disguised as freeware - that stuff will kill your system dead. :p
  18. Sean

    Anyone get small 'stuttering' in HL2?

    The auto-saving thing helps a bunch for me, although I still get some stuttering when walking through doors and whatnot. Can anyone confirm whether or not the heapsize thing helps? IE, has anyone gone to a point where they know there's a stutter and timed it with and without setting the RAM?
  19. Sean

    ATI Radeon X700 Pro 256Mb: Any good?

    Perhaps, my friend, perhaps. We shall see, with time.