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  1. BlackDahlia

    You can't handle the truth!

    Lipsynch from A Few Good Men, as mentioned in PC Gamer UK...'tis awesome. :E
  2. BlackDahlia

    What are some times you've got the crap scared out of you?

    Ah of those 'screamer' vids. Those never fail to startle me. >_>
  3. BlackDahlia

    Post the first time you got kicked in the nuts

    Honey-toasted almonds are quite good.
  4. BlackDahlia

    Mothers will do anything...

    O_o Man, Japan needs a SERIOUS women's lib movement. >_>
  5. BlackDahlia

    That crazy Bush

    Hell no...I'm a lowly college student. Frivolous posessions such as Segways and adequate healthcare are beyond my financial reach. Anyways, I can't imagine that they're any harder to move around on than a skateboard. :P
  6. BlackDahlia

    That crazy Bush

    Seconded. I still can't believe he fell off a SEGWAY. The man must have no sense of balance whatsoever. :dozey:
  7. BlackDahlia

    Father Grigori?

    Grigori is fitting because it harkens to Gregori Rasputin. I'm sure that's no accident. :)
  8. BlackDahlia

    GMan: Relevance of his Appearance

    Holy shit, indeed. :O
  9. BlackDahlia

    Is Black Mesa Still Around?

    You know...that's a damn good question! :O
  10. BlackDahlia

    Alyx or DOG?

    DOG is awesome, so I'll have to go with him. ^^
  11. BlackDahlia


    Orwell's 1984 is the defining dystopia fiction. Also, Equilibrium is an awesome flick. :)
  12. BlackDahlia

    Would you like a different intro/outro for HL2?

    Dangit, I wanted to play through that part just to see what would happen after that if I somehow won. ;)
  13. BlackDahlia

    When will Half Life become abandonware?

    If Tomb Raider hasn't become abandonware yet, I seriously doubt Half Life will become abandonware any time soon. :p
  14. BlackDahlia


    Anti-Gordon? That's crazy talk, I tells ya! :O
  15. BlackDahlia

    Who's Addicted To Half-life2!??!?!

    Yep, it's addictive. Should be called Half Life 2: Crack in Game Format :P
  16. BlackDahlia

    I'm a happy person

    Congrats...I dream of a day when I can play without the framerate slowing down to 3 fps during combat. -.-;
  17. BlackDahlia

    Muffled Gman convo, CASE NOT CLOSED!

    You know of course, that it's probably just entirely jibberish. Like in The Sims. >_>
  18. BlackDahlia

    HL2 model question..., not that kinda plushie. The UFO Catcher sort that hopeless fangirls like me collect and/or sew because they have nothing better to do over Summer break. :p I'm not gonna go into detail about it right now, so I'll just leave you with a rough sketch to look at:
  19. BlackDahlia

    What the fake STEAM email is.

    'Him'.....right. *cough* >.> Nah, I delete any mail that asks for account/password info, even if it looks official. I get a metric ton of that crap in the mail every week. :p
  20. BlackDahlia

    HL2 model question...

    W00t, that's all I need. Thankies! :E