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  1. NeoNight

    Nuclear Dawn Release Official Trailer

    I'd buy it for a dollar.
  2. NeoNight

    Valve Files Trademark For DOTA

    How about tower defense with bases?
  3. NeoNight

    'The Passing' DLC out Thursday

    Ditto! :afro:
  4. NeoNight

    Left 4 Dead 2 Authoring Tools Released

    cool now get to work porting over the old maps! In time for the return of the old cast! Exclamation marks are fun!
  5. NeoNight

    2 New Demoman Weapons Revealed - Close Combat Kit

    I hope he gets those unlocks regardless, otherwise sorry solider! but I NEED to try those weapons! Its so ridiculous I love it!
  6. NeoNight

    The War Update: Soldier & Demoman Update Confirmed!

    The solider is winning so far, he needs a good new weapon.
  7. NeoNight

    Black Mesa: Source Delayed

    Well at least it'll be out before hl4! :D
  8. NeoNight

    Bayonetta demo released!

    lol someone caught my little slip up.
  9. NeoNight

    The etymology of your alias.

    Watched the movie the matrix one day, and during that same day I played some mmo where I was a melee character. So put the main character of the matrix together with a melee character who wields a shield and you get neoknight, but then that was already taken so I removed the K. Btw, can anyone...
  10. NeoNight

    Bayonetta demo released!

    YES! lets give this possibly great game some good support! I thrust it will be good!
  11. NeoNight

    Gearbox's Randy Rant Part 2

    My OPINIONS are more factual then yours! Good day sir! (opinions are facts now, who knew?) edit: If you couldn't tell i wasn't being serious.
  12. NeoNight

    Gearbox's Randy Rant Part 2

    "It’s cool, it’s good, and they’re doing a good job...." Randy I'am really happy for you and i'amma let you finish, but epic games is one of the best gaming companies of all time! of all time!
  13. NeoNight

    Left 4 Dead 2 New Mode Revealed - Scavenge

    Weee one of the weapons is a crow bar!!!
  14. NeoNight

    Team Fortress 2 Blog Update: Guard Dog

    Sounds nice, silly and (somewhat) useful (if not a bit to useful vs spy),but the folks at PETA would storm valves offices like the armies of some old medieval fantasy movie.
  15. NeoNight

    The Jockey is the Third Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected

    The first thing I thought when I read about The Jockey was taking control over someone and having them jump off a roof. lol
  16. NeoNight Design Your Own Special Infected Winners!

    omg I love the digger! send it to valve for a possible left4dead 2 submission!!! we need more cool special effected! The widow is pretty cool too..
  17. NeoNight

    You Steam The Future?

    Sounds like an ingenious idea on valves part, with players world wide helping fund the game, they could potentially have no financial issues when it comes to making new and great titles!
  18. NeoNight

    NeoTokyo Releasing Today

    I think, overall, the mod is well done. The rounds go pretty quick, so the round based thing isn't too bad. I'll admit I didn't like it at first, but started to enjoy the game once I got a better understanding of how to play and unlocked more guns.
  19. NeoNight

    Street Fighter IV - Now Available for Pre-purchase

    My ears! de ear plugs dey do nothing! Hmmm great to see that there is no point in getting all 3 consoles! I can get most, if not all, the games i've wanted to play for pc! woo hoo! I hope the upcoming splinter cell game, Splinter Cell: Conviction, gets released for PC too. :D