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  1. Green Floyd

    Do you play pub games, or only with friends?

    I prefer playing with friends in all games, this one especially so because you really need to be switched on and communicating to have half a shot. Pubs are pretty terrible as a rule of thumb but I have been in some good teams.
  2. Green Floyd

    So, you're not enjoying L4D2...

    My copy finally came a few days ago and I'm loving every minute of it. It's like the original but better in basically every conceivable way.
  3. Green Floyd

    Merry christmas

    Merry Winter solstice heathens, may the pagan deities smile upon you.
  4. Green Floyd

    Pick your Favorite Apocalypse

    Most definitely zombies, anything else would just be an anticlimax for me. What better way to end the human race than by ushering a new breed of deluded, flesh-eating versions of our previous selves. Easily the best way to put Darwin's theory into action!
  5. Green Floyd

    The soldier gets GRENADES!?!?!?!?!?!

    Yeah kill taunt with the equalizer, blows you up too!
  6. Green Floyd

    New Soldier Weapon - The Direct Hit & TF2 Free Weekend

    Bodyshot bodyshot bodyshot bodyshot etc. I'm looking forward to this one for sure :)
  7. Green Floyd

    octopus have armor now

    Me and my Calamari.
  8. Green Floyd

    Robin Williams a PC Gamer

    And so he damn well should! Us cave-dwellers over at ATI are finally getting a good rap :naughty:
  9. Green Floyd

    Soldier or Demo

    Last one alive lock the door! (Obligatory) MAGGOTS.
  10. Green Floyd

    Visions. A 3D Graphics MMORPG

    The graphics on this chariots game make me feel like I'm regressing to windows 98.
  11. Green Floyd

    Just got caught in the act

    Firefox is your friend. Ctrl+Shift+P is for porn mode! But seriously, get somebody else to do it for you... So much easier.
  12. Green Floyd

    Visions. A 3D Graphics MMORPG

    "its incredible" Gotta loooove christians. How does it feel that your god won't show you enough favour to get your runescape off the ground. HA!
  13. Green Floyd

    New amp, oh baby.

    Oooh yes, I'd definitely stand on that thing.
  14. Green Floyd

    Dirt 2 - Best Racing Game EVER

    This looks rad, however Rise Against makes me wish I had a power drill so I could put it in my ears.
  15. Green Floyd

    I may have discovered the best sleep cycle change

    This entire thread makes my head hurt, or perhaps I'm not getting what you guys are saying. I usually drink multiple beers and then pass out, works wonders :D
  16. Green Floyd

    If the pig is most like humans..

    Is it wrong to want to eat humans? Who here hasn't entertained it? inb4 japanese cannibalism Can't have human without Johnny Stumbler Black, it would seem.
  17. Green Floyd


    This made me shit brix, I don't think I could make a better video of this unless I was tripping on acid. Hmm. Perhaps I should try?
  18. Green Floyd

    Album of the year, GO!

    Yeah this is right up there, been a pretty rubbish year for albums but mine's definitely: Mastodon - Crack the Skye
  19. Green Floyd

    Aliens Vs. Predator Vs. The BANHAMMER (Aus)

    It -is- in stock, still is apparently, but i ordered it on the 20th of November and it's still not here. T_T What's worse is I can't get up them to try and track it until its been 3 weeks.
  20. Green Floyd

    Unique gift giving ideas. post here

    I see your three wolf moon watch, and raise you a three wolf moon shirt.