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  1. Atari

    It's Now Fall 2007...

    Hands up who didn't see that one coming lol Christmas 2007
  2. Atari

    Angels & Airwaves

    Heard the leaked song round a friend’s house today. Thought it was amazing, sounds similar to a few Box Car tunes but is defiantly heading in a new direction. Can’t wait to hear the album now :bounce:
  3. Atari

    Hearing Problems

    Classic symptoms of tinnitus (which I have). Again, a symptom of tinnitus. The tinnitus is actually there all day, it's just quieter than normal sounds so you only hear it when it’s quiet at night. Another sign of tinnitus....some tinnitus suffers (depending on the pitch of the ringing)...
  4. Atari

    Angels & Airwaves

    Angels & Airwaves Singer/Rhythm Guitar - Tom DeLonge (Blink 182, Box Car Racer) Bass Guitar - David Kennedy (Box Car Racer) Lead Guitar - Ryan Sinn (The Distillers) Drums - Adam 'Atom' Willard (The Offspring) I'm hearing really good things about their first album (due out April), anyone...
  5. Atari

    War of the worlds!

    Just got back from Cinema, thought it was 'good' tbh, nothing amazing. Feels like i'm the only one though lol...everyone else loved it to bits.
  6. Atari

    Is there any MODS?

    Fortress Forever for me too :naughty:
  7. Atari

    I hate my life

    You could buy more memory for it (probably) but tbh it's not worth it. As it's been pointed out, your laptop isn't a gaming machine and you are right at the bottom specs. Your best option would be to buy/build a decent PC or live with what you have. Good luck dude
  8. Atari

    will it run decent on my computer.

    Welcome btw :)
  9. Atari

    Buggy Teleporting problems

    I've started a map and I'm now wondering if it's going to work at all. I've created a teleport brush so that if the player falls off a cliff they are sent back to the top of the cliff. This works fine for player teleportation but... a) If the player is in the buggy and they touch the...
  10. Atari idea

    reviving an old thread I know, but any updates on this Munro? Would be great :P
  11. Atari

    Um, little help with firefox pls?

    Hi, Wrong forum for this kind of thing, but I'm sure the admins will move it soon. If the problem is with Firefox then go into Tools >> Options >> General >> Fonts >> and change the font size. If the problem is with windows then go into control panel >> display >> Appearance and change...
  12. Atari

    Computer Games Are Too Addictive

    My names Atari and i'm an addict. Been playing online games since a couple of months after HL1. I want to quit, I just......can't.
  13. Atari

    Server ping script

    Probably not in the right forum, but couldn't see anywhere more or less relevant. On our clan webpage, I want to add some kind of script that will ping our CS:Source server and return a table of information (ping, players etc). I've seen this done many times for HL1 servers. Can anyone...
  14. Atari

    Entanglement Gun turrets won't work with the Harpoon/Spear!

    You don't have to care to ban someone Same reason as everyone else on this forum
  15. Atari

    Entanglement Gun turrets won't work with the Harpoon/Spear!

    He asked to be banned thinking someone would care (!?)
  16. Atari

    Fortress Forever : A Team Fortress Conversion

    Can't wait, I remember some of the dev team's previous work from my TFC days and it was top stuff. /me can't wait
  17. Atari

    de_officeblock complete!

    Hi, Downloaded the map and hosted it tonight for 14 people. For a first map I think it's great, you can see you have put the time in. I had to remove this map from the server though, as the lag in some parts of the map was terrible (stairs and some others) and occured with everyone, not...
  18. Atari

    Halflife 2 makes me SICK!!

    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but I read somewhere that this side-effect can be caused by your room lighting. Make sure you don't have a bright light in your fov. Not sure if this will help mind, but I did read it somewhere...
  19. Atari

    de_officeblock complete!

    Looks good, I'll test it out later and may host it on our server if it plays well :cool:
  20. Atari

    water problem (missing texture ? )

    Hi, Not sure, you'd be best asking in this forum Best be quick before you get flamed :laugh: :farmer: