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  1. Reflex

    CSS - Weird Graph?

    Does anyone know any commands to remove the graph thing? Thanks:)
  2. Reflex

    Mafia II: Free Ride

    Alot of people have complained that there is no Free Roaming or 'Free Ride' as it was called in Mafia but there is a mod for it, you can download it here.
  3. Reflex

    Garrys Mod Problems.

    I installed Garrys Mod to play TTT on the server yesterday, I already had CSS but you dont need anything else to play it (I don't think), but it keeps trying to install HL2 and all the episodes, deathmatch and Lost Coast and also HL: Source. How can I stop it from automatically doing this?
  4. Reflex

    Gamertags? Meh?

    Hello there :D I need help thinking of a new Gamertag for the Xbox 360. I dont want any tryhard names and something original, if you got one post it please :)
  5. Reflex

    Seriously Scary :O It will guess it everytime :S EDIT: *SPOILER* READ THIS AFTER PLAYING
  6. Reflex

    HELP !

    I'm looking for a program like FL Studio that's capable of musing editing. Also it's got to be free, can anyone help me. Please don't suggest torrents.
  7. Reflex

    Trap the Cat!

    Try to trap the cat!
  8. Reflex

    Zombies in games lately?

    What is it with zombies in games lately? There's L4D, CoD World at War Zombie Mod, the new Plants vs Zombies and Resident Evil 5. Can't think of anymore atm... If anyone can think of moar post them here... :p
  9. Reflex


    The part of the game where you are in Chernobyl is not only historically inaccurate but also just obviously inaccurate. For starters: IT NEVER HAPPENED! But also the guns that are recieveable in that mission and the dates that they came into production are below: M21 - 1969 USP .45 -...
  10. Reflex

    Scouts Hand

    Look at this advert thingy, it looks like the pistol from TF2 and a Scouts hand.
  11. Reflex

    Create your own ZOMBIE! EDIT: This is meant to be kanye west... :|
  12. Reflex

    TF2 RickRoll :P Ignore the beggining.
  13. Reflex

    WASD or Arrow Keys?

    Do you use WASD or the Arrow keys when playing?
  14. Reflex

    The Church Guy

    The Guy in the Church on Death Toll. He sounds a bit like scout on TF2.
  15. Reflex

    Got my orange box :d

    My Orange Box got here today for my Xbox only ?11 from amazon. Now I have the Orange Box on my pc and my xbox the same with L4D :D The title was meant to be capitals with a :D
  16. Reflex

    the Graveyard.

    Anyone else seen this? the Graveyard. Sounds...Intresting.
  17. Reflex

    Male Restroom Etiquette
  18. Reflex

    Are there too many 'Gay' polls?

    Do you think there are too many gay polls? :|
  19. Reflex

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare vs. Call of Duty: World At War

    I'm gonna buy a Call of Duty game for my PC which one should I buy? I already have Call of Duty: WaW on my 360 and I like it alot but I've never played CoD 4... So which one EDIT: Sorry the poll says CoD 5 v CoD WaW, I meant CoD 4.
  20. Reflex

    Fraps Alternatives

    Is there a free alternative to Fraps that isn't the Fraps free version. Also are there any programs that can record Wii and Xbox 360 gameplay?