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  1. Dumb Dude

    Help my brother get a scholarship!

    My brother is trying to earn a scholarship for a study abroad opprotunity in the summer. His essay has to earn the most 'likes' in order for this to happen. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could go to the link, scroll about a third down and hit the 'like' button...
  2. Dumb Dude

    Man accused of choking girlfriend with Wii controller Not only is this crazy because he choked her with a Wii controller, but I knew this guy kinda well, heck he went out with my cousin. Pretty funny that it all started...
  3. Dumb Dude

    Folder views and Vista

    Quick question. Is there any way to up the amount of folder views that Vista saves? I'm darn tired of having to put this folder on list, that folder on thumbnails, and arranging them by date modified instead of by name, etc... For Windows XP there was that PowerToy TweakUI that let you set...
  4. Dumb Dude

    Internet Explorer is acting weird

    Ok, so I have this weird problem with my internet explorer that makes things go stupid. Here is a screenshot to show you what I mean: It's something that only happens once in a while. Sometimes it's there, 10 minutes later it's not. I've figured out that it has something to do with...
  5. Dumb Dude

    Cool zoooomy thing. Give it some time to load then mess with the slider on the side. Its pretty neat stuff.
  6. Dumb Dude

    Pac-Man Championship Edition

    Has anyone here tried Pac-Man C.E. on Xbox Live Arcade? Man oh man is it the most fun I've had in a while and I'm darn good at it too. Right now in the overall leaderboards, I'm ranked at 27. Its a really cool game that isn't just some type of graphical enhancement to Pac-Man, it actually...
  7. Dumb Dude

    Bright Eyes

    I'm not the only one that listens to Bright Eyes, am I? I never see them brought up anywhere and I have no idea why. Bright Eyes is so effing awesome words cannot describe. I'd say more but first I just want to see if anyone else anyone else out there? The new album Cassadaga...
  8. Dumb Dude

    The White Stripes - Icky Thump

    The music video for the new White Stripes single, Icky Thump, has been put up on AOL today: The song is so awesome and the new album comes out on June 18th. Man oh man, I can't wait! WOOOOOOOOOOOO:bounce:
  9. Dumb Dude

    Person dies for Wii

    Don't know if this was posted before or not, but that sucks doesn't it?
  10. Dumb Dude

    Its Qonfused's BIRTHDAY today!

    Its his birthday today! Eff the other 10 member birthdays today, this one is the only one that matters! Discuss.
  11. Dumb Dude

    I got bored...

    And in the stress test at 4xAA with 16xAF =
  12. Dumb Dude

    So many bans....

  13. Dumb Dude

    I'm not happy with my performace....

    You'd think I can atleast max this game out, but nooo. Seems like the outdoors don't like me very much. In outdoor scenes I get 19-25fps MAX. While indoor scenes get up to 60-70. What is going on here??? Adjusting ths sliders doesn't help. The only thing that shows a noticable improvement...
  14. Dumb Dude

    My freind needs help with our server!

    I didn't type that, my friend did, but we need help!
  15. Dumb Dude

    Stupid Battlefield 2 textures....

    Why is it that this game runs really stupid on my computer when I set textures to high? WHY! Many people will tell me that its becuase I need 2gb of RAM, well, no. I have 2 freinds that can play this game maxed out with NO stutter or lag with a x850xt PE and 1gb of RAM. I made two different...
  16. Dumb Dude

    Friday November 23..

    Anyone else see the steam update today? See attachment.
  17. Dumb Dude

    PSP firmware update..

    For those of you not in the know, the US v2.0 PSP update was made avaliable yesturday and it includes a web browser and even lets you change the wallpaper for the PSP "home" menu. I decided to make a wallpaper for it and share it everyone. Feel free to addon to the wallpapers, maybe this...
  18. Dumb Dude

    The Power of 3??

    Nvidia's home page has a rather interesting banner up. I wonder what it all really means? I personally think it will be an announcement of lower end 7800s, to complete the line, as in 7800, 7800gt, and of course with the 7800gtx being the thrid. But as this has been shot down by this guy...
  19. Dumb Dude

    Crossfire Benchmarks

    Its in its erly stages and apparently quite buggy, but here it is anyway:
  20. Dumb Dude


    My CSS is updating right now, but my friends isn't. Is anyone elses updating? Also, I know of that update on the 18th, but I remeber getting that one. I wonder whats up.