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  1. Nostradamus

    Need Music?

    hey man hook me up on msn one of these days, in case u dont have it ill pm it to ya :)
  2. Nostradamus

    Need Music?

    holy f... is that you stitch? HF stitch? if not sry ;P
  3. Nostradamus

    Help wanted - artist/modeller roles

    Sounds cool, sent you a mail.
  4. Nostradamus

    where to study?

    Guild hall in the Us and The animation workshop in Denmark(yes I know small country but it is one of the leading animation bachelor education stuffs ).... I have heard a lot of bad stories about other schools with teachers taking lessons from the net etc. so just be careful whatever you decide :)
  5. Nostradamus

    DOA extreme volleyball

    haha..hah...haha.....wtb more bumpage
  6. Nostradamus

    Another Character

    Looks pretty nice, maybe de-whiten his eyes a tiny bit check maybe give him some eyelashes dunno
  7. Nostradamus

    Speed painting

    30min-1h ish Love my new wacom yey ;D
  8. Nostradamus

    Starting to Draw Comics

    here's a tip, don't post stuff like "Anyone got suggest for drawing exercises to do to help praticing up for drawing comics." And then post stuff like "The practicing of drawing stuff I really don't want to, is the part that bores me to death." just no
  9. Nostradamus

    You know whats frusterating?

    you study and draw stuff from life to learn how stuff looks... you don't draw abstract to learn how lightning reflects off different draw from life to learn that... of course no matter what you draw it will help you controlling the pen and realizing what looks good and what...
  10. Nostradamus

    Graphics Design schools?

    As far as I know Vancouver is pretty strict, but never hurts trying does it? the worst that can happen that you get a " no thanks" and get some c&c ye? :)
  11. Nostradamus

    You know whats frusterating?

    Everyone can learn to draw, it just takes time, persitance and hard work :) And someone said that some people are naturally good at it... no they just worked hard at getting good... if you work hard at it, there's no limit :)
  12. Nostradamus

    Speed painting

    definately push the castle more to the foreground imo
  13. Nostradamus

    Speed painting

    Fine from a rendering point of view but I don's see the composition working very well tbh. see if you can bring dragon out more - right now the focus is on a.. uh.. rock ;P
  14. Nostradamus

    Deckerwars TC - Looking for help.

    oh sorry must have missed that from your description it seems like you havent made a design doc. if that is the case make one, and time schedule as well - describe everything down to the smallest detail, it will be needed
  15. Nostradamus

    Deckerwars TC - Looking for help.

    I take it that youre the leader? How much do you know of game making? can you code? model? draw? Just asking cause a leader has to know at least the very basics of each required field in my honest opinion :-)
  16. Nostradamus

    Comic artist for short-term project on Planet Half-Life

    Hey could you describe a little more what exactly the drawing should be? used for concepts or should they be fully completed cartoon series or what? a little curious :)
  17. Nostradamus

    Enter the Tribes - HL2 MoD

    Could you shed a little light on what the current members can do?
  18. Nostradamus

    Just throwing an idea out there

    Never heard of it, care to elaborate? :D
  19. Nostradamus

    [Adult Swim] - Favorite comedy?

    where is metalocalypse?!?!
  20. Nostradamus

    Just throwing an idea out there

    Hmm yes I actually didn't think of it like that... I had some thoughts on it, and I have some ideas which might or might not work, dunno ^^ stealth.. Ok sounds silly, but combined with the right stuff i could be usefull.. How about you stealth and are able to do a super charged move once you...