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  1. mortiz-Redux

    Dungeon Keeper 3 video (its not looking good)

    Sure this isn't some fake trailer put together by a kid in his bedroom?
  2. mortiz-Redux

    Call of Duty Black Ops

    Played a few of the larger maps last night and avoided domination, had much more fun. Smaller maps + domination = A really bad experience, the spawns are just so bad.
  3. mortiz-Redux

    Call of Duty Black Ops

    That's if you have some semi-decent hit detection, it's just a massive suprise to me that they've managed to f*** it up so bad when the hit detection in MW2 was a major improvement over previous titles.
  4. mortiz-Redux

    You fav/worst/most disappointing games of 2010

    Good New Vegas (haven't completed it yet but I'm enjoying the ride, despite the horrendous bugs) Mass Effect 2 OK: Castlevania : Lords of Shadow Halo : Reach Red Dead Redemption (like a previous poster said, was pretty boring for me, I guess I just couldn't immerse myself in the setting for...
  5. mortiz-Redux

    Call of Duty Black Ops

    Not really liking the MP, the annoying thing is how ridiculous some of the kill streak kills are, was playing Nuke Town, was inside a house in an upstairs bedroom, someone bombed the back yard and I died despite a bomb landing no where near me. Now granted in real life the the house would have...
  6. mortiz-Redux

    Justin Bieber's North Korea Tour

    Saudi Arabia would have been funnier, i'm sure a country run by Islamic crazies would appreciate Bieber completely. BTW, I've actually seen Bieber live, opening for Taylor Swift no less, boo yah.
  7. mortiz-Redux

    Police have raoul moat cornered

    Raoul should have shot you for that joke...
  8. mortiz-Redux

    (Contra) Hard Corps: Uprising (xbla, psn)

    Contra 3 was awesome, haven't played one since really though
  9. mortiz-Redux

    Groom faints during ceremony, bride moos her displeasure

    I like how they have a special "man mates with cow" ritual
  10. mortiz-Redux

    Your Chair Is Killing You

    You're pretty screwed whatever you do, either it gives you cancer, gives you heart disease or gives you AIDS (well, just the unprotected butt seks)
  11. mortiz-Redux

    UK Elections - Who Will/Would you vote for; Public Poll

    I've voted Lib Dem, cos they're the shiz
  12. mortiz-Redux

    Sex (and not just to get your attention, either)

    Seriously awesome choice for a dissertation man, you get to perv at dodgy japanese rape simulator video games under the excuse that you're doing "research", wish I'd thought of that
  13. mortiz-Redux

    Chandrayaan-1 uncovers miniature magnetic field on moon, potential site for moonbase

    They must have some big ass umbrella's in Sweden
  14. mortiz-Redux

    Sam Harris: Science can Answer Moral Questions

    Why? Surely it's safe to say it's far better to live in a society where everyone is happy than one in which everyone is miserable? Therefore why can't science guide us in moral decisions that will lead to the former rather than the latter?
  15. mortiz-Redux

    Just got my first job in the games industry!

    Thing is if you did love Blizzard games then why work for them? Same thing with Valve, I absolutely love Half-Life so it'd be a big decision to go to work for them (even though I probably would) because once you've worked on a game you can no longer play it as a game, all the fun is taken out of...
  16. mortiz-Redux

    GDC 2010 - News

    Hm, screenshots look like Mass Effect to be honest.
  17. mortiz-Redux

    Going to Japan for two weeks

    just don't get raped by any tentacle monsters
  18. mortiz-Redux

    The History of St. Patricks Day

    F*cking Irish
  19. mortiz-Redux

    Unleash the Hounds: Starcraft II Beta begins

    Got a bunch of keys @ work (since our company is owned by Activision) didn't get one in time though, doh.
  20. mortiz-Redux

    Just got my first job in the games industry!

    yeah, everyone who's really smart gets into design, programmers are the bitches of the games industry.