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    Need a HL2 logo for my t-shirt...

    t-shirt press
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    HL2 Before or After September 1st?

    september,30 2003 was probably a typo and meant to be 2004 :)
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    Is your PC ready for Half life 2?

    my 5600 ultra is getting kinda outdated :sleep:
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    Motherboard/CPU deal at fry's

    just simply right click on My Computer and it'll show your computer's specs... and RAM edit: nvm sorry, i thought he said 'how much' instead he said what kind, my bad
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    Funny ball game

    17370 my first try... i'm not too good at these kinds of games, but good practice for quick aiming in counter-strike
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    Motherboard/CPU deal at fry's

    ok thanks guys, yeah, i needed an upgrade from my old 1.0gig amd + K7turbo... that k7t was an awesome board though, lated a long time. Well, i saw another another good deal to buy a 512mb ddr ram for $69.99, i'll grab that along with that cpu/mobo combo.
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    Motherboard/CPU deal at fry's

    I've been looking for a new motherboard/cpu and i came across an ad in the newspaper at my local Fry's, and i'm just wondering if it's worth it because i'm not sure if that motherboard is anygood... AMD Athlon XP 2200+ Processor and ECS motherboard -bare cpu with quantispeed architecture...
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    Just bought 9600SE

    is the 9600se better than the geforce fx 5200? i have the choice between the 2...
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    What make of card will you play HL2 on?

    converted... lol... video cards aren't religions, unless you REALLY DO worship them, LOL "Dear 5900FX, i thank you for your graphics you brought to me from your grace, and i pray that you will guide me in playing Half-life 2 with full settings at high, Amen"
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    Making a Gordon Freeman Costume for Halloween.

    reminds me of the Thirty Years' War and the Peace of Westphalia :cool:
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    Making a Gordon Freeman Costume for Halloween.

    haha gordon costume... the hev suit is kinda hard to do... well the past week i've been thinking of doing a Half-life related costume... and.. i decided I'm gonna be a Zombie.. you know, a scientist with a headcrab attached to his head. Yup, i made the headcrab, like a stuffed animal.. lol...
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    Will Gordon keep his pony tail?

    lol yeah, in the very beginning... subject: Gordan Freeman Age: 29
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    Gordon Freeman's Family

    LOL! the baby looked pretty normal to me..
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    Gordon Freeman's Family

    I don't know if anyone has noticied this (or talked about this before) but I was playing Half-life single player for kicks when i noticed Freeman's locker had a baby picture in it. This could lead to him having a wife and a baby. Maybe something will be talked about in half-life 2 about Gordon's...
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    "Your Hot Female" thread

    bastard_loud wanted it, so here we go!
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    Rather have it delayed than poorly put together

    i know some games that they just release it to make tons of moolah! then release a patch like 4 days after it's released. that sucks! Vavle is good by delaying it and spending more time on it
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    mark '03, it will see how your fps will be if it were to run HL2
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    don't forget Reborn's famous first "Goes gold" thread ;)
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    HL2 Releases 21st November 2003

    1.) no sources where you got it from 2.) they haven't gotten any info about valve 3.) the only release date gabe said was sept. 30
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    Steam stopped 'updating'

    you said it ;)