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    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    /takes crowbar out of back of the closet /starts dusting and shining it. LETS ROLL!!!
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    Half-Life: Alyx announced

    Thanks man!
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    Half-Life: Alyx announced

    I had literally finally given up hope just last week, and then this was announced!! It's not a sequel, which I still want, but it is a full length Half Life game!! My decade has been made.
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    Half-life 3 "Wish List"

    I agree with all this, but my main wishlist item: That it gets announced!
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    Valve Announces Source 2 + Steam Link [GDC 2015]

    Hmmm, dare I get my hopes up that they may announce HL3 at E3?
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    TF2's Sinking Ship

    The "Glory days of Team Fortress" were before was the old Team Fortress Classic days. Brings back memories..............
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    Opinions on my Monitor

    Or maybe I just hook up my comp to my 47" tv when gaming :)
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    Opinions on my Monitor

    Hey all, so I have a new computer on the way. Bought my current one 2 days after Half-Life 2 was released =/ My current monitor is a 32" 60hz 720p LED tv. Should I upgrade to a 1080p tv?
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    [UPDATE #5] Half-Life 3 accidentally appears in Gamescom Official List, Then Appears in Keyboard Ad

    Man I'm going to have to go around collecting empty bottles so I can buy a new computer!!
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    Another OLD OLD member from way back in 2003 popping in to say Hi..

    Your name is familiar/rings a bell.
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    Half-Life 3 hinted on Adult Swim??!

    I just googled PAX east and it was 2 months ago, so I doubt it.
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    The E3 2012 Thread: Hopes and Dreads

    I'm hoping that Gabe was bullshitting us when he said that nothing will be announced at E3. The only thing that I am interested in at all right now, is the announcement of the next Half Life installment.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive delayed until Summer

    Yeah but thats why CS:GO will be delayed yet again until Christmas 2012, which will be the HL3 release date!
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive delayed until Summer

    Anyone else hoping this is so it can be packaged with Half Life 3 in something like "Orange Box 2?"
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    Valve is attending E3 2012

    I'm hoping it's a full on Half Life sequel!! None of this episodic stuff, especially after such a long time! ~20 hours of gameplay! *starts stuffing cash into mattress for a new computer*
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    It's time to play Half-Life 2

    I started about 45 minutes late, but I played for a good hour and fifteen minutes.
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    A new HL title

    I'm not up on all the new gaming lingo or shorthand. What is arg/what does it mean?
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    The No News VGA Announcement: "We are not announcing anything."

    I will never give up!!
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    Possible news on episode 3 voice recording

    Thanks for posting it!