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  1. lefty

    Dark Souls coming to PC

    There's story to dark souls, but there's more lore. Neither is necessary to enjoy the game.
  2. lefty

    Dead Island gameplay video

    Honestly, the game looks like it could be fun for an hour or so but then get bogged down in crap. Plus "achievement unlocked; reload your gun" and rehashed internet memes put me off about as much as anything ever could.
  3. lefty

    looking for the trailer of a game

    I don't know about trailers but your macarena link is dead.
  4. lefty

    Zero Punctuation

    As much as I hate EC I hate getting ripped off more and can sympathize. Especially from such a shit site like the escapist.
  5. lefty

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    He looks badass, people will complain about the eyes not being red enough, others will point out his eyes aren't open all the way because of his pose, and it will devolve into UMAD? UMAD and conversations such as the one seen above. And mikhael will continue to suck a million dicks. In his free...
  6. lefty

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    All the media they've released so far has been from the 360 version, to keep how "good" the "pc" version looks a "surprise" I just hope the textures look better, I've got higher res textures on my modded morrowind right now.
  7. lefty

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Welcome to screenshots-from-the-xbox-version.
  8. lefty

    Remember me?

    I vaguely remember you, and a couple of words associated with you. If I remember them I'll let you know.
  9. lefty


    What? Who the hell is this guy?
  10. lefty

    Craziest Photo Ever? while we're on the subject
  11. lefty

    What's cooking

    Two toasts, well, slices of toast... Well actually, I guess they're breads that got too hot. Take two hot breads, put on butter, you'll want butter on both toasts because butter's tasty, then what you're gonna do is put cheese on the slices there and melt them a bit, microwave of cigarette...
  12. lefty

    7 Mother-Fing Years

    Been here for over six years, damn. Now I feel bad for not posting much anymore. EDIT: Or is it 4? I think it was four. '06 sounds much more likely. But still! DOUBLE EDIT: okay, **** me, it's been about five.
  13. lefty

    KiplingsCat is 100 years old!

    I've... never heard of you? Or have I. By the way, where was my birthday thread? Bastids.
  14. lefty rocks

    *drops names*
  15. lefty

    Scientists create "dry water"

    I didn't say ice wasn't wet.
  16. lefty

    Episode 3 on IGN

    Hokey, I don't know what to do with you.
  17. lefty

    Scientists create "dry water"

    solid =/= dry
  18. lefty

    75 bands

    the zombies, as represented by the zombie.
  19. lefty

    Gordon Freeman ranked number 1 character of all time

    Gordon Freeman is a good character because he's not a character. He's a channel for the player to insert their own persona into his shoes. He's as good a character as you make him to be. edit: goddammit warbie.
  20. lefty

    How to not piss off the mods/Vegeta?

    Vegeta doesn't matter, and the mods don't matter until you get 15 infraction points. This is only in a matter of speaking, mods are people too.