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  1. swan_song1973

    Engineer Update Released (Including New Weapon - The Gunslinger)

    i gotta say this is my favorite class update, those are some nice weapons.
  2. swan_song1973

    Fallout New Vegas: Are you IN?

    im really pumped for it, it looks like its really gonna build on everything fallout 3 did right and then some (extreme mode ftw).
  3. swan_song1973

    Toy Story 3

    i wasnt too happy with the second one, but this blew it away.
  4. swan_song1973

    FIFA WC 2010 - Four remaining teams, who will win?

    spain's gonna kick some dutch ass tomorrow.
  5. swan_song1973

    Manly Tears while watching movies

    this right here.
  6. swan_song1973


    i like fall the best, you appreciate how cool it is more. plus in new england we got that bomb ass foliage.
  7. swan_song1973

    'Em be new trailers of Green Whornet & etc

    that green hornet trailer wasn't half bad, i didnt think rogen was gonna be able to pull off the character at all, but he seems alright.
  8. swan_song1973

    The rarest Honda in the US

    its a pretty sweet looking honda, but the graffiti is more badass.
  9. swan_song1973


    no snow for me means urban exploration and not having to hotbox.
  10. swan_song1973

    have you seen lord of war?

    **** your private movie lionsgate.
  11. swan_song1973

    N Korea seeks $75 trillion in compensation

    how generous, they didn't include the 06 sanctions. what a crock of shit.
  12. swan_song1973

    British girl, 11, now youngest mother

    now that's a classy broad.
  13. swan_song1973

    Fallout 3 is better than Fallout 1

    i tried fallout 1+2, but they didn't really catch my attention as much as fallout 3 did.
  14. swan_song1973

    I Won A Kerrang Radio Competition...

    congrats man, too bad its a bon jovi concert.
  15. swan_song1973

    Genn Beck wants to abolish public schools? LOL wat?

    i want to believe this, but i just think he's just dumb as nails.
  16. swan_song1973

    Roger Ebert said WHAT?!

    ebert can suck a dick, the dude doesn't know shit.
  17. swan_song1973

    Xbox360 slim

    what a weird design.
  18. swan_song1973


    way more excited for this than toy story 3.
  19. swan_song1973

    Portal 2: First Direct-Feed Screenshots

    i still can't believe that engine's over six years old.
  20. swan_song1973

    Goldeneye remake??

    looks so awesome...if only it wasn't a wii exclusive.