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  1. Adabiviak Reunion Gaming day/night?

    What's this?
  2. Adabiviak

    Oy! What are you playing?

    Borderlands 2. Non stop. Since 2012.
  3. Adabiviak

    Who's about?

    This place is like the abandoned school up the street from my place. It's been remodeled, so it's even weirder when there hasn't actually been school for years.
  4. Adabiviak

    MEGA CITY ONE: Half-Life 2 Episode 2 MOD

    That doesn't look bad.
  5. Adabiviak

    Half-Life Dog Environment Breakout

    Looks good!
  6. Adabiviak

    TF2 "Meet Your Match" Update - Day 2 (Meat vs. Match)

    Who knew the Sandvich could get dogs to teamswitch? There are a lot of rebalances here, but as a medic player... all mediguns now give the Quick Fix patient speed, which probably includes rocket/sticky jumps? Dayum. Is Meet your Match a game mode, or just the name that encompasses all these...
  7. Adabiviak

    Steam Summer Picnic Sale 2016 Begins - June 23rd thru July 4th

    I picked up a number of titles mostly to convert these games to non-disk and future-Windows-compatible formats: F.E.A.R. bundle (I already own Project Origin (meh), and I'll probably never play 3, but the original and the two expansion packs... yum!) Half Life 1 Bundle (while I still have the...
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    no posts in image dump in 2 years

    It seems like there needs to be some critical mass of people engaged around some common theme to keep a community alive... I was pleasantly surprised at how long things lasted here well after the Half Life 2 games catalyzed this community into being. I still participate in online forums (no...
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    no posts in image dump in 2 years

    I see that doesn't redirect here anymore... used that bookmark for a long time.
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    The Pre-Order Thread

    Don't base a game purchase on reviews/media/hype because they're often misleading and you're not guaranteed to get a good product: good advice regardless of whether or not you buy a game pre- or post-release. I would consider myself lucky in that the half dozen or so games that I've pre-ordered...
  11. Adabiviak


    This plus the double jump have the potential to put some speed and real vertical elements into a game franchise that seems like it would benefit from this.
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    Alright, I may be down. I just got Dead Space and DS2 on a Steam sale and am working through these now. I do see it for sale for $15 for another few hours.
  13. Adabiviak

    ríomhaire rises from the grave to do blatant self promotion

    Am I the only one that read that in the Soldier's voice? :LOL: I was wondering where you had gone off to... I only return on occasion, but had noticed your absence.
  14. Adabiviak


    Attempted derailments aside, I regularly visit this site for video game "reviews". I'm a fan of FPS games, and wasn't sure about Wolfenstein, but it sounds like I may give it a spin? Borderlands 2 has largely ruined other FPS games for me (which is all I play, so besides TF2 for my multiplayer...
  15. Adabiviak

    Steam scam-mitigation plan

    I didn't see this posted elsewhere here (and I'm not sure where to post this myself, so here we are). From Gamespot ( Short version straight from the article: I've only had a few scammers/bots...
  16. Adabiviak

    To What End? (Entire half-life series tribute -video)

    Nice... been wanting to do something like this for Borderlands 2 for some time myself. What did you use to edit/mix the video?
  17. Adabiviak

    This forum is dead

    Seeing that the last post in the TF2 forum was from last year (barring some spam), I'll post this here: the Pyro without his suit on (but still wearing the goggles): On topic: yep; forum is decomposing!
  18. Adabiviak

    TF2 "Smissmas 2014" Update Released - New "Mannpower" Gamemode Revealed

    Man, if they get that grappling hook polished, that'll add a huge dimension to the gameplay. I remember those things in Quake II, and you could fly all over the map with 'em.
  19. Adabiviak

    Games: Rate and Discuss

    Combat in Alien Isolation?! I'm intrigued (I thought it amounted to "run for your life" the entire time). Borderlands: The Pre Sequel: 10/10 This is coming from a rabid fan of BL2, so you'll need to calibrate my score to something that aligns more closely with reality. What hooked me on...
  20. Adabiviak

    Your favorite game music ever?

    Borderlands 2, specifically some tracks from Tiny Tina's DLC are working their way to the top. Otherwise, it's the soundtrack from F.E.A.R., Mechwarrior 2, or American McGee's Alice.