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  1. 99.vikram

    Happy 10th Birthday Half-Life 2

    You know that perfect girlfriend who screws you over and leaves you bitter, cynical and broken for any future SO unfortunate enough to love you? That's HL2 for me. I have bought a ton of games on Steam which reviews tell me I should love, my first couple of hours of playtime tell me I enjoy...
  2. 99.vikram

    BreenGrub tweets again

    This is the most interesting Half-life related thing I've seen in years. And I have no idea what it's hinting at. Sadface.
  3. 99.vikram

    Retiring NSA chief doesn't understand why people hate the NSA

    Ye olde conspiracy theorist is back! Not that I disagree about the NSA.
  4. 99.vikram

    This community ....

    My sentiments about this forum:
  5. 99.vikram

    So Facebook bought OculusVR.

    Well this is a downer. I was hoping Oculus would restart a software race to meet the promise of new hardware, the way it worked in the Doom days.
  6. 99.vikram

    True Detective

    Nope. What's it about?
  7. 99.vikram

    This community ....

    Hey, you're still young. Don't let the medical debt get you down. If you need any further procedures, consider getting it done in another country. It often works out cheaper even including air travel + stay. I know a lot of people who come to Bangalore for medical tourism. The doctors are very...
  8. 99.vikram

    This community ....

    I started playing Deus Ex: HR again so I do still care about well made games. I just dropped off the multiplayer bandwagon after Counterstrike in college. I have TF2 which I've played for a couple of dozen hours, I think. Once I start earning again I intend to play a couple of good singleplayer...
  9. 99.vikram

    In case anyone thought that I was dead (and cared)

    Welcome back! We started the party early. The food and drink and hookers are all gone. Try not to start any wars, and remember that the pointy end goes into the other person. :)
  10. 99.vikram

    Fox mugs man for garlic bread

    Damn you Fox news! Oh wait...
  11. 99.vikram

    Chell's age in relation to the Portal storyline

    I wonder if there's any good way to relate the Portal and HL universes to each other in Episode 3/Halflife 3. The tone of the two games are nothing like each other. Plus I barely remember all the plot points from Portal 2 and Episode 2 now... methinks it's time for another playthrough.
  12. 99.vikram

    Introduction of myself to you

    What's with all the new joinees? Did a necromancer come by this forum? Also, obligatory hello!
  13. 99.vikram

    Your number one film

    Moon. Or Inception.
  14. 99.vikram

    What Will Your Reaction Be When HL3 Gets Announced?

    This sums it up.
  15. 99.vikram

    how's it going, what's up in your life, and who are all these people

    I've done device drivers, but mostly server development of late.
  16. 99.vikram

    Audiosurf 2

    Sweet! Any idea what some of those new minigames are? I'm talking about the part of the video that shows some platforming-style action.
  17. 99.vikram

    So Tom Clancy died

    Indeed I am, and here's what's been going on with me. What did I miss?
  18. 99.vikram

    how's it going, what's up in your life, and who are all these people

    OK, so I thought I'd update with news since I've been gone a long time. You guys helped with a dark time in my life, so I'm gonna be here in my better days too. :) I grew up, got a job programming software so it turns out I wasn't rendered unemployable or sociopathic by violent...
  19. 99.vikram

    So Tom Clancy died

    He spawned some damn good games... Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear was a favourite of mine back in the day. May his soul stay awesome in the great beyond.
  20. 99.vikram


    Welcome to the goodburger, home of the good burger...