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  1. Reginald


    My girlfriend actually lives in Wales so... you know, it's all one and the same there... So things are really quiet round here these days? :(
  2. Reginald


    Whatta gwan guys. I feel I've been ignoring you lot recently. For five or six years of my life, I'd visit here everyday and discuss anything and everything. And then we had the golden age around when TF2 and then Left 4 Dead came out where every night a bunch of us would be on Steam Chat...
  3. Reginald

    The Walking Dead TV Series (AMC)

    The quality was surprisingly good. If I'd known it was leaked I'd have probably waited, it wasn't until after I downloaded it that I found out. Will definitely watch again around Halloween.
  4. Reginald

    The Walking Dead TV Series (AMC)

    Just saw episode one and thought it was absolutely fantastic. Probably the best show to come out of the US in a long time IMO. Loved the atmosphere and the pacing. The scares were there but not without sacrificing some great character moments. And the first child actor in a long time I haven't...
  5. Reginald

    We lost another one, RIP Operational

    Ah jeez, come back here for the first time in a few months and this is the first piece of news I see. Seriously saddening, I always found him to be one of the better members of the community and I enjoyed the handful of chats I had with him on Steam Chat and the like. This sucks. My thoughts...
  6. Reginald

    Walmart Lists Ico, Shadow of the Colossus Set for PS3

    Funny how one of the few things inspiring me to get a PS3 at the moment is two PS2 games?
  7. Reginald

    So I Got Done For Speeding...

    Is that the speed camera outside that relatively new Industrial Estate/Motorway services? That one almost gets me every single time I drive that bloody road.
  8. Reginald

    Mighty Max (would make a great film)!

    A couple of years ago I found a website that had pictures of every single Mighty Max toy they ever made. I was slightly distressed by how many I owned. I could have sworn I only had two but the memories came flooding back about a great number of them. Kids toys aren't what they used to be. I...
  9. Reginald

    Butt arrested in boob murder.

    I laughed so much, my Heichel fell off.
  10. Reginald - thinning out?

    Yeah, I know. The feeling is mutual. Let's all walk around with no pants so that my temporary absence is more bearable.
  11. Reginald - thinning out?

    I don't come here a huge amount any more. I don't frequent a lot of websites that I used to any more; you're just lucky I still have enough of a soft spot for you guys to check up on you from time to time. <3 To be honest, I'm getting all prepared for uni at the moment and this place always...
  12. Reginald

    Pictures of Yourself the "Jintor demands it happen" version

    Went on a clubbing holiday with some mates. Resulted in some fantastic photos. One night we all painted ourselves green and went out dressed as a bunch of angry Bruce Banners.
  13. Reginald can suck my f*cking butthole

    A fantastic thread to make my posting return. Whassup guys, been away for a month. Got some great photos that would have blatantly made this video had I posted them a few weeks ago. Nice to see you caught my most red Power Ranger side.
  14. Reginald

    "I Write Like"

    It's not totally keywords... And I got Stephen King.
  15. Reginald

    Holy ****ing shit. Real life replicator.

    Coolest thing I have seen since... ever. Link I would spend unfathomable amounts of money on this.
  16. Reginald

    is inception about to kick ass?

    Massively interesting article about the last scene of the film here: No need to warn that there are MASSIVE spoilers in this article.
  17. Reginald

    is inception about to kick ass?

    Probably the best film I've seen at the cinema for a long while. And of course, fall.
  18. Reginald

    FIFA World Cup

    That crotch-face-goal-save-flip was awesome.
  19. Reginald

    Subversion - the new game from the makers of Defcon, Darwinia, and Uplink!

    I loved Darwinia. Due for another play-through soon, surely. I could take or leave DEFCON after a few days of initial fascination. Didn't really have all that much depth. Looking forward to this.
  20. Reginald

    Apparantly my girlfriend thinks I'm a fashion expert.

    No. You are very gay and should be avoided at all costs. Zing.