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  1. Escaep

    The Walking Dead + Office Space

    I saw last nights episode and it brought back memories of Office Space so I joined the two together. Enjoy.
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    Photo edit contest rebirth #2 discussion/entries

    Didn't even get the picture from Kotaku but I'll find a new one since the internet apparently isn't big enough for two photo edit contests of the same picture
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    Photo edit contest rebirth #2 discussion/entries

    Same rules as the last contest. Link to the previous thread:
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    Permanant Hard On Woes

    It's funny because he tattooed his penis and now he has a permanent erection.
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    An Idea

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Aperture somewhere in the midwest of the U.S. and isn't White Forest presumably somewhere in eastern Europe? How is she going to run halfway around the world? (Unless you plan on incorporating the travel time into the game.)
  7. Escaep

    A Call for Communication

    All I have to say is with the wait the game damn well better be at least 12+ hours long. If all they could manage in 5 years is a 5 or 6 hour game then I'll be thoroughly pissed off.
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    Mossad target and kill Iranian university professor with motorcycle bomb

    Become more efficient at killing people.
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    Best Home Remedy for Gas

    Wear a hat and go to the store and buy beano and there will be no gas.
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    Battlefield 3

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    Photo Edit Contest Rebirth #1 Discussion/Entries

    I think people have stopped posting entries.
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    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    Does it fly and kill people or something?
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    Tim Tebow

    Also, I get sick of Tebow too. But mostly because he is everywhere and everyone around here adores him, not because of his beliefs which don't bother me.
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    Scientists creates Supersoldier ..

    Somebody scramble the Alert 5 aircraft.
  15. Escaep

    Battlefield 3

    Goodness gracious flying jets is much fun in this game. Now that I've become a pretty decent pilot I am racking up the points. Just a had a 33k point game (with awards and such) as a jet on Oman. Bundles of fun
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    Upcoming Pc games for 2012

    Meh, there is really nothing I am hyped up for. Only things I might consider purchasing are Far Cry 3 (after reviews) and maybe DOTA 2 (tbh I don't know anything about this game),