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    Half-Life: Alyx announced

    Probably half of hl2.netters will get stuck and forever be trying to crawl through a vent. We will succumb to starvation on our living room floors, gripped in the claustrophobic nightmare of non-existant ventilation shafts, knees blown out, yelling out to Gordon Freeman to come save us. Our...
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    Forum Artifact Preservation Project

    The only photo of me in there was of my thumb lmao. EDIT: Also, please tell me someone has the photo edit contest versions of this pic. I remember laughing so hard at them.
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    chat/shitposting thread

    That's what the steam store page says.
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    chat/shitposting thread

    That damn game is still in early access. I saw it on sale and thought about getting it too, but I don't want an incomplete game.
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    Seems we'll have new Half-Life game. What's some life events you've had since Orange Box in 2007?

    In 2004 I had turned 18. I definitely had not already become who I was going to be. I also matured with this forum, and my writing style was certainly affected by it. I still can't use shorthand so many of my texts to friends and family are written with reasonably proper grammar, punctuation and...
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    Old folk

    Oh shit, I forgot about EDIT: @MuToiD_MaN did you ever think we'd still be using our same X-Mas avatars nearly a decade later?
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    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    Its the same for me. Any time I read the word Ennui I have to remind myself that they're not mentioning a member. I also did not know the meaning of the word (nor its pronunciation) until years later. I just thought it was a name he came up with, and in my head I always pronounced it...
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    Seems we'll have new Half-Life game. What's some life events you've had since Orange Box in 2007?

    The Orange box came out a year before I graduated from university. That feels so long ago. I've since put that education to use for two years, then left that industry because job security sucked. Was unemployed for awhile, then started learning and fixing electronics. Then went into IT for a...
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    If you post it, they will come...

    @TechnoHippyChic You're a manic, but by god it worked.
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    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    It is also awesome to see the OG crew coming back. Funny how so many thought to return to the site upon seeing the trailer. If Cpt. Stern shows up I'll buy him an Index Headset. Show me you're still alive old man!
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    HL: Alyx announcement trailer

    Hello old friends! I have to agree with how it feels surreal to see a new half life trailer. I knew when valve was making their own VR set up that they'd use it to push gaming boundaries with a half life game. They used Half Life 2 to push physics engines and it changed gaming it a massive way...
  13. Krynn72 Reunion Gaming day/night?

    I know :( You guys always play at times that had become impossible for me to join in. I just started 2nd shift now so maybe that can change. You still using that Discord channel? I don't know what that is, and a quick search doesn't help.
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    I'd just like to say Congrats to Myself on my 9th post.

    Either this site is getting glitchy in its old age, or the Mods haven't lost their sense of humor. Either way, get on my level BHC.
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    have you ever thought about suicide

    I don't go on Facebook much, but when I do I really like that Facebook shows me most of your posts. Last time I logged in I saw this one. But seriously, I'm proud of you Willie. You're weird as f*ck and its cool. Keep on keeping on and don't take shit from anybody.
  16. Krynn72 Reunion Gaming day/night?

    I'm working second shift these days. Not sure if that helps or hinders, but I'm down for a reunion game night. I'm sure the ARMA DUDES would be too. But maybe I should rename the group to TableTopSIm DUDES.
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    Atheism, sociobiological construct?

    Guys, I know this is an epic, >10 year bump, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I just did this (quoting theotherguy's post) in a Reddit thread. I remembered his post ten years later. TEN YEARS LATER. I actually think about it every time someone talks about atheism/theism. I know all...
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    Who's about?

    You think? Don't you have to like... Actively become trans? Hope you get it figured out and can get comfortable with it. I wish some other members would come back and post updates, I like hearing how everyone is doing. Like, is Numbers still in the S.Korean military? Has Cpt. Stern died of...
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    Memory Lane: Half life 2 unlocked

    Found this posted somewhere a couple years ago and saved it in hope of posting it when HL3 released, but LOL. Might as well do it now.
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    How are our Venezuelan brothers/sisters doing?

    I'm also starting to feel some concern for Numbers, given North Korea's current posturing.